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Oral history interviews


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Oral history interviews, 1816-2005 | Special Collections, Buswell Library

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Collection Overview

Title: Oral history interviews, 1816-2005Add to your cart.View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates:1910-1988

ID: RG/11/001

Extent: 686.0 Items

Arrangement: Recordings are arranged individually by date of receipt.

Subjects: College Church (Wheaton, Ill.), Race relations., Wheaton College (Ill.) - Conduct of life - Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Oral history interviews conducted by history lab students and other interviewers.

Subject/Index Terms

College Church (Wheaton, Ill.)
Race relations.
Wheaton College (Ill.) - Conduct of life - Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Administrative Information

Repository: Special Collections, Buswell Library

Access Restrictions: There are no access restrictions for documents in this record group.

Acquisition Method: Recordings were received by transfer or donation.

Other Note: Some of these oral history interviews were created by students as a part of the curriculum of various history courses and were placed in the Archives with the understanding that they were to be available for future reference. These recordings are not construed to be a part of any student's permanent record or a reflection of academic aptitude, progress or ability.

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Series 1: Reel to reel recordingsAdd to your cart.
Loose in storageAdd to your cart.
Item 7323R: Donna Day interview (interviewed by Janet Downey)Add to your cart.
Item 7401R: Ward Kriegbaum interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7414R: Daniel Goff interview (interviewed by Doug Porter), 1974Add to your cart.
Item 7415R: Stephen L. Hoffman interview (interviewed by Tad Mindman), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7420R: Ward Kriegbaum interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7421R: Ralph Slater interview (interviewed by Stephen Leierer), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 76104R: Ward Kriegbaum interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7730R: Al Smith interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7735R: Dr. Walter Kaiser interview (interviewed by Glen Cameron)Add to your cart.
CREATION – Explanations on Creation; Theistic evolution; A. H. Strong; James Orr; Scientific Research; Geological Column; Historical Anthropology; Fossil men; Neanderthal cave man; Possible characteristics of Adam; Comparative Morphology; Genetics, attempted experiments; Age of earth; Three uses of the word “day” in Genesis; Theological research; God’s purpose for creating the world; Literary genre; Genesis 2:7, Creation of man; Question on bones of fossil findings and dating thereof; Relation of Adam to fossil man, age of man
Item 7742R: Katherine Hutchings interview (interviewed by J. Eric Binion), 1975-1977Add to your cart.
Item 7772R: Samuel H. Houser interview (interviewed by Ryan Schaffer), 1894-1977Add to your cart.
FDR ERA IN CHICAGO – Transportation in Chicago at turn of century; Street conditions; River traffic; Types of buildings; Eating spots and habits; Attitudes of people in Chicago; Wages; Unions – John L. Lewis; Strikes; Changing of Chicago; Past laws and law enforcement; Welfare; Cause for present lack of safety; FDR; World’s Fair; Past Chicago politics; Prohibition; Past newspapers; Entertainment
Series 2: Audio-cassette recordingsAdd to your cart.
Box 1Add to your cart.
Item 7600: Tom Skinner interview, 1976Add to your cart.
SPECIAL SERVICES – CHAPEL 1: The age of revolution; Three areas of crisis – Who am I? How can I get along with my neighbor? Where do I get the strength?; Identity crisis – Skinner as a black gang leader; Education and getting in the system; Religion; Found Christ; Christ as Lord; Love your neighbor as yourself; Letting Christ live through one; CHAPEL 2: Make impact of 20th century church same as in New Testament; Pagan culture – Roman Empire vs. America; Filling of the Holy Spirit; “This man has been with Jesus”; Oblivion to public opinion; Seeing God as a god of trivia; CHAPEL 3: God’s will; All things work together for the good and common misinterpretation thereof; All things work for God’s good; Active love for God; God’s purpose: to guide us to be like Christ; CHAPEL 4: Life’s greatest ambition; Impossibility of being a Christian by human strength
Item 7601a: James Kraakevik and James Lower interviewAdd to your cart.
On Blacks /POOR SOUND/
Item 7601b: Ada Winsor interview (interviewed by Debbie De Wolfe), 1920-1929Add to your cart.
Item 7602a: Bill Ogden interview, 1965-1975Add to your cart.View associated digital content.
Ogden describes in time at Wheaton College during the Spring semester, 1965. He also discusses his bible school work with South America Mission in eastern Peru.
Item 7602b: Del Pollard interview (interviewed by Bill Ogden), 1971-1975Add to your cart.
FAR EASTERN GOSPEL CRUSADE – Beginning years; First church planting work; Move to Tachikawa; Team-work evangelism; Tachikawa; Penetration of gospel; Main religions in Japan; Japanese housing and first steps in evangelism; Accomplishments; Finding a church site; Problem of making one’s mission known; Reaction of Japanese youth toward Christianity; Effects of western missionaries; Practical problem of acceptance of Christianity by Japanese men; Life changes needed in Japanese Christians; A Japanese Christian and food offered to an idol; Children and education; Financial problems; Bible institutes and seminaries; Ratio of pastors to people; Church meetings; Commercialism and economic growth and problems; Govt’s attitude toward missions; Current feelings toward missions; Role of the mission board; Problems of independent missionaries; Danger of home boards supporting foreign, national churches; Dependence of Japanese church of US money and missions; Qualification for further missionaries; Problem of “cream of the crop” Christians never considering missions; Need for door-to-door evangelists; Response of Wheaton students now; Summer spent in Wheaton
Item 7603: Anita Warren interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Anita Warren-recollections of Wheaton College revival, later missionary to India
Item 7604: John Sawyer interview, 1917-1921Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Buildings; Dress Code; Housing; Dating situation; Typical student; Faculty; Majors; Personnel in Department; Organizations; Class traditions: Senior, Freshman, Washington Banquet; Minority Students; Athletics; Dining Hall; Heating problems; WWI effects; Spiritual Setting; Chapel; Evangelistic services; Churches; Bible Classes; Political involvement; Student-administration relations; Expectations
Item 7605: Robert E. Simpson interview, 1956-1960Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Historical significance; Football; Marriage; Work; Summer school; Bible major; Teachers; Dr. Edman; Bible teachers; Buildings and housing; ROTC; Fashions; Hangouts; Sunday activities; Church; Christian Service Council; Young Life Ministry; Dining; Dating; the Pledge; Going home; Cars on campus; Wife; Minorities; Departments; Dennith Concer; Integrating Christianity & Teaching; Content of courses; Acceptance into Wheaton; Spiritual Life on Campus; Chapel; Bible study; View of a Christian; Spiritual concern; King James Version; College & Community relations; Cliques
Item 7607a: Dr. John Alexander interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7607b: Phil Bubar interview (interviewed by Tad Mindeman), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
STUDENT LIFE AT WHEATON – Fischer; Traber; Bible and Religion department; The library; Favorite teachers; Gen Eds; Liberal Arts education vs. “Bible school education”; College facilities; Competition for grades; Post-graduation plans; Extra-curricular activities (Band, Student missionary project); Major events during years in college (visits by Sen. McGovern and Sen. Hatfield); Controversial Issues on campus; Student government; Administration; Administration-student communication; The Record; Kodon; Social life and dating; Lasting friendships; Cliques; Minority student relations; Dining hall; Dates; General Attitudes on PDA; Reasons for coming to Wheaton; Finances; Summer quarter; Band camp; Chapel; Personal Church life; General spiritual Atmosphere: Problem with apathy; General summary of Growth during College Years; His concepts of Wheaton through the years; Negative and positive reactions toWheaton
Item 7608: Ha Ruko Kanemoto interview (interviewed by Calvin Chinen), 1907-1974Add to your cart.
JAPANESE IMMIGRANT – Biographical information; Father’s arrival in US; First occupation in US; His marriage; Family life in the outskirts of Tacoma; General work of the family; Move to Tacoma city proper; Description of Father’s work; Standard of living; Child-rearing; Language spoken to children; Nisseis and their spoken language; Schooling; Attitude toward school; Daily schedule; Reasons for Japanese schooling; Teaching of the Japanese culture in school; Possible return to Japan; Citizenship problems; Owning of property by an alien; Reasons for not returning to Japan; Family structure;  The Depression and its problems; Frugality; Importance of education
Item 7609: Donald Ebeling interview (interviewed by Ruth Johnson), 1932-1976Add to your cart.
1. Senior Study 2. Impact of others on himself 3. Impact of Wheaton College 4. President of Wheaton College 5. Spiritual outlook
Item 7610: Cyril Luckman interview (interviewed by Ruth Johnson), 1934-1937Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Wheaton College (1934-1937); Buildings; Health facilities; Ata Rorrie’s cure for tonsillitis; Doctors; Football coaches; Student/Administration relations; Student government; Newspaper; His pursuits while studying at Wheaton; After graduating from Wheaton; Changes at Wheaton between 1937 and 1975; Chemistry department; Physics and math; Biology; Dorms; Gym; Improvement in the students’ attitudes
Item 7611: Barb Adsem interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7612: Ralph Irwin interview, 1922-1926Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Campus buildings; Finances for buildings; Fashions and fads; Housing facilities and dorms; Pranks; Hang-outs; Rules; Social groups; Attitudes toward the dining hall building; Cliches; Sports teams; Food commentary; Entertainment; Dating and PDA; Academic competition; Entry into Wheaton; Major; Influential professors; Size of class and faculty; Opinions of work load and grading; Department lecturers; Organizations available; Spiritual atmosphere and chapel; Bible studies; Spiritual outreach; Secret societies; Politics; Negative feelings; Changes he would make; Attitudes toward administrators; Concept of Wheaton; Views of Wheaton’s effects on his life
Item 7613: Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Benson interview, 1939-1947Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Campus buildings; Clothing; Dating; Dorm life; Studying; Dining; Entertainment; Background of students and ease of admission; Majors; Goals; Student activities; Personal growth; Chapel; Community outreach; Relationship with town; Effect of depression and war; Campus issues; Student government and CSC; Changes noticed during life in proximity to college
Item 7614: George Olson interview, 1970-1979Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Goals of serving God, serving others, and inner-city work; Quaker high school background; Learning experiences at Wheaton; ROTC (pros and cons); Chapel – time of worship; Revivals: school and personal; Ineffective student government; S.G. president quits; Church attendance; Visual concept of Wheaton; Positive reaction of Wheaton College; Disadvantages: Small minority, fewer courses offered; History Department; Negative reactions – school policies; Appreciation for Wheaton
Item 7615: Tom Futrell interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7616: Sakaye Kato interview (interviewed by Calvin Chinen), 1912-1976Add to your cart.
JAPANESE IMMIGRANT – Biographical information; Return to US; Life in the US; Japanese Community; Depression; Parents return to Japan; Sino-Japanese War and its effects on the Japanese community in US; Japanese Military; Expectations of Japan fighting the US; Memories of Dec 7; Treatment by others; Relocation Centers; Selling of possessions and property; Description of the assembly center and living quarters; Humor in life there; Trouble at the assembly center and institution of martial law; Life in the camp; Various centers in the US; Trip to the camp in Wyoming; Treatment by soldiers; Fear of physical harm; Camp at Wyoming; Camp life in Wyoming; Jobs in the camp; Political life in the camp; Entertainment at the camp; Attitude towards America; WWII outcomes; Family in Japan; Choice of loyalties; Leaving the camp; Moving to Cincinnati; Reason for not returning to the west coast
Item 7617: Richard Taylor interview, 1816-1882Add to your cart.
JONATHAN BLANCHARD – Intro to Jonathan Blanchard; Douglass-Blanchard debate – 40 years before Lincoln; Criticism of Blanchard; Blanchard’s personal reaction to criticism; Blanchard as a moral agitator; Blanchard adopted the technique of a revivalist; Quotes – Examples of how Blanchard as a moral agitator called Christians to their moral responsibilities; Daniel Webster – Blanchard’s boyhood idol; Examples of the confrontation tactics that Blanchard used as a moral agitator
Item 7618: Senta Nii interview, 1920Add to your cart.
ISSEI Born in Okinawa, Immigrated to America, Russo-Japanese War, Parents' experiences in Oregon,
Item 7619: Mrs. John Alexander interview, 1903-1907Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – School and class enrollment; Literary Society; Athletics; President Blanchard; Personal Major and career; Debate team, public speaking; Prohibition; The City of Wheaton: transportation and roads; Life at Wheaton; Eating and sleeping quarters; The Pledge; Social life; Minority students; Fashions; Music/Glee Club; Professor Fischer/Astronomy; Buildings; Reason for coming to Wheaton; Class Flag on top of smoke stack; Most interesting and funny things; Manie White; Basketball; President Blanchard; Beginning of the library; Professors; Wheaton as a Christian college; South campus; Grading; Chapel; Tuition; Wheaton bell; Electricity and lights; Politics; Women’s rights and voting; Prohibition ticket; Keeping in touch with old friends
Item 7620: Mrs. Estella Alexander interview (interviewed by Ruth Johnson)Add to your cart.View associated digital content.
Interview of Estella Woolfenden, class of 1907. She speaks of Wheaton College, literary societies, ecumenical Christian mission work and interactions with "holy rollers."
Item 7621a: Yukio and Masano Misuguchi interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7621b: Yukio and Masano Mizuguchi interview (interviewed by Calvin Chinen)Add to your cart.
INTERNMENT CAMPS / ISSEI -- Childhood; Education in Japan and the US; Arrival in the US; Life in San Francisco and Colorado; Anti-Japanese attitudes; Farming; Japanese Militarism; Family returns to Japan; Marriage; Move to Sacramento; Keeping Japanese Cult
Item 7622: Shumpo Takagi interview (interviewed by Calvin Chinen), 1885-1976Add to your cart.
IMMIGRANT‑JAPAN – Biographical information; Went to the US to avoid Japanese draft; Stay at missionary boarding house; Work and education; Prejudice in San Francisco and Oakland; Blacks; Life in a close Japanese community; Physical abuse; Education at night Driving accident; Return to Japan to get married; Japanese from Nagasaki in the US; Setting up house in Fresno; Opening of a gift shop; Japanese education of daughters; Plans to return to Japan; WWII and its effects on the store; Life in a relocation camp; Expectations of the war; Life in Chicago; Warning not to return to CA; Job in a factory; Relatives in Chicago; Reason for coming to Chicago; Financial investments; Obtaining US citizenship; Religious background and churches; First apartment neighborhood; Original plans when arriving in US; Decision to stay in the US; Ownership of property at Fresno; Location of business in Fresno; Business at the store; Reason for staying in Chicago years after camp; Feelings of people in Chicago towards Japanese
Item 7623a: Sa Baye Cato interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7623b: Sakaye Kato interview, 1904-1976Add to your cart.
Item 7624: Hisako Nii interview, 1904-Add to your cart.
JAPAN -- Childhood in Japan; Boat trip, quarantine (1920); Farm; Community in Oregon; Marriage; Lifestyle as teen; Portland; Grocery store; WWII; Citizenship; Japanese camps; Treatment of Japanese; Son; Chicago; Children; Father
Item 7625: Donald Ebeling interview (interviewed by Ruth Johnson), 1932?Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE -- Impact of Wheaton on community; Campus outreach ministries; Ratio of guys to girls; Senior sneak; Impact of others; Impact of Wheaton; Grading system; Dr. Buswell; Career as a teacher and a missionary; Comparison of spiritual outlook of students then and now
Item 7626: Louise B. Gerow interview (interviewed by William Paist), 1941-1945Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Campus; College facilities; Student hang-outs; Dating; Senior panic; Social functions; Friendships/cliques; Food/Dining halls; Typical Wheaton student; Spiritual life; 1942 Revival; Outreach to Community; Christian service organizations; Churches; Sports; Gen. Eds.; Intellectual competition; Faculty; Major requirements; Student organizations; Extracurricular activities; WETN; Wheaton Academy; Impact of Wheaton on personal life; Student involvement in community; Pranks; Senior sneak; Senior cake/bench; Treatment of freshmen; Dress Code; Rules and Restrictions; Involvement in War; Student-Faculty relations; Big events on campus; Personal experience of Wheaton; On-campus Jobs; Changes at Wheaton
Item 7627: Ruth Brunner Luckman interview (interviewed by Ruth Johnson), 1930-1940Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Campus; College facilities; Student hang-outs; Dating; Senior panic; Social functions; Friendships/cliques; Food/Dining halls; Typical Wheaton student; Spiritual life; 1942 Revival; Outreach to Community; Christian service organizations; Churches; Sports; Gen. Eds.; Intellectual competition; Faculty; Major requirements; Student organizations; Extracurricular activities; WETN; Wheaton Academy; Impact of Wheaton on personal life; Student involvement in community; Pranks; Senior sneak; Senior cake/bench; Treatment of freshmen; Dress Code; Rules and Restrictions; Involvement in War; Student-Faculty relations; Big events on campus; Personal experience of Wheaton; On-campus Jobs; Changes at Wheaton
Item 7628: Gyemei Kubose interview (interviewed by Calvin Chinen), 1905Add to your cart.
Born in San Francisco, move to Japan at age 3, lived with grandparents in Hiroshima,
Item 7629: Julia Malloy interview, 1971-1975Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE AND WOMEN – Student government; “The Purge”; CSC, Red Cross – people didn’t fulfill mission; Community response; The Pledge; Lack of trust toward administration; Committee’s structure; People’s feelings toward rules; Unhopeful times; Dancing; Square dancing; Student unrest; Faculty senate; Women’s committees; Women’s roles, accomplishments, feelings; Secretary of meetings; Equality; Social life; Love relationships; God the Creator
Item 7630: Herman Fischer interview (interviewed by Miriam Ziemer), 1892-1903Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Board meetings and membership; Student government; Personal background – involvement in sports; Growth of campus; Student clubs; Student Endeavor Society; Poor farm; Classes and teachers; Charles Blanchard; John Blanchard; Civil war and its happenings; Campus source of revenue; Activities, work; Family life, home, chores; Favorite teachers; Sciences; Herman’s schooling; Attitude toward buildings; Dating situation – match factory; Landscaping, clothes, hairstyles; Work and family; Pranks; Faculty; Lectures and socials
Item 7631: Herman Fischer interview, 1895-1905Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Physical features of campus; Specific features of Blanchard; Students’ satisfaction with Wheaton; Fashions and trends of students and faculty; Student jobs; Hangouts of the students; Social life at Wheaton; The Silver Trumpet; Slang; View and anecdotes of students; Freshman hazing; “The Bench”; Pranks; Seriousness & sincerity of student’s devotional life; Minorities; Rules; Story; Competition in academics; Presidents of Wheaton; Majors; Organizations and clubs at Wheaton; Courses; Spiritual growth; Spiritual life on campus; Students’ view of spirituality; Periods of revival; College outreach to the community; Bible studies among the students; Political involvement of students and faculty; Opinions and views; Commentary on world events and how they affected the college; Student Government
Item 7632: Yukio,Masano Misuguchi interview (interviewed by Calvin Chinen), 1942-1943Add to your cart.
Item 7633: Tomonao Iono interview (interviewed by Calvin Chinen)Add to your cart.
JAPAN AND AMERICA -- Childhood; Coming to the US; Education in Japan; Education as a Japanese person in the US; Start of WWII; Arrest and Imprisonment; Internment camp; Religion; Relocation Center in Wyoming; His Job and Schooling; Marriage;
Item 7634: Richard G. McAdam interview, 1970-1974Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE -- ROTC and Army Life; Freshman Homecoming; Decrease in Political Unrest; Freshman Dorm; Upperclassmen-Freshmen Relationships; Cliques; Spiritual Life; Chapel; Academic Standards; Chemistry Dept; Baseball; IM Basketball; Social Life; Professors
Item 7635a: Norman & Hoke Ford interview, 1941Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Post-Grad school; Missionary work in Japan; Changes at the college; Living situation during college years; Division of the men’s and women’s dorms; Social life; Wheaton students and marriage; Spiritual atmosphere on campus; Differences in goals over the years; Differences in administration; Student problems today and in the 1940s; International students; Size of student body and chapel in Pierce; College-community relationship; Students’ background then and now; High points during the college years; Financial differences then and now; The Washington Banquet; Quality of friendships; Changes of attitude over time; Interest in Missions; “Cream of the crop” and level of interest in missions; Pranks; Future of Wheaton; Integration of faith and learning; Teaching of the Bible then and now; Appreciation of the Christian environment; Professors who made an impression; Personal testimony; Graham Center; Start of the program
Item 7635b: Donald E. Hoke interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7636: Kenneth Gieser interview (interviewed by Miriam Ziemer), 1926-1930Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Campus grounds; Student government; Church; Off campus housing; Fashion; Glee Club; Spiritual life; Dating; Literary society; Entrance into Wheaton; Small dorm homes; Dining hall and food; Attitude toward social activities; Entertainment groups; Types of students; Organic Chemistry; Values of students; Chemistry Department; Student organizations; Wheaton’s influence on life views and goals; Chapel; College-community relations; Personal impression of Dr. Buswell; Effects of the Depression; Student-faculty interactions; Student publications; Minorities; Reason for coming to Wheaton; Financial way through school; Membership on the college board
Item 7637a: Jane Larson interview (interviewed by David Dodrill), 1974-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7637b: Karen Larson interview (interviewed by David Dodrill), 1974-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7638a: Linda Andrisan interviewAdd to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Sports and other campus activities; Dining hall, food; Social customs; Political views – President Ford; Reactions to time at Wheaton; Changes she would make if she were President; Issues on campus that affected her the most: Donating blood, Madatory ROTC; Student-Administration relations; Preconceptions about Wheaton, anxieties; Goals at Wheaton; Goals for life
Item 7638b: Robert Hromas interview (interviewed by David Dodrill), 1974-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7638c: Jeff Wood interview (interviewed by David Dodrill), 1974-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7639a: Robert Wagenaar interview (interviewed by David Dodrill), 1974-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7639b: Jeff Wood interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7640a: David Mizell interview (interviewed by David Dodrill), 1974-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7640b: Robert Wagenaar interviewAdd to your cart.
Minority student discussion,
Item 7641a: Michael Chesney interview (interviewed by Mark Bradbury), 1984Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE LIFE – Size of Wheaton; Reason for coming; Goals; Do it again?; Academic competition; Impact of individuals; Values of students; Fitting into Wheaton; Major; Extra-curricular programs; Integration of Christianity; Chapel; College outreach; Spiritual standing on campus; Church attendance; Quiet time; Dating; Pranks; Perfect Wheaton student; Traditions; Minority Students; Rules and Regulations; Curfew; Dorm life; Campus activities; Food; Attitudes toward social customs; Politics; Christians in politics; Student/Administration relationships; Original concept of Wheaton College
Item 7641b: John Snyder interview (interviewed by David Dodrill), 1974-1975Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE -- Intellectual life, spiritual life; social life.
Item 7642a: Michael Chesney interview (interviewed by David Dodrill), 1974-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7642b: David Mizell interview, 1974-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7642c: Joan Sudlow interview (interviewed by David Dodrill), 1974-1975Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Intellectual/Academic Life; Spiritual Life; Social Life; Dating; Pranks; The Pledge and curfew; Dorm life; Opinion on Nixon and Watergate; Personal opinions of Wheaton; Changes she would make; Relations between students and administration; Coming to Wheaton; Goals
Item 7642d: John Wilder interview, 1974-1975Add to your cart.
WHEATON FRESHMAN – Academics at Wheaton; Grade competition; Impact of Faculty (Dr. DuPont); Student values (grades, studies): Fitting in; Future plans; Mathematics major; Opinions of teachers; Spiritual Life; Chapel; Outreach ministries; Social life; Dating; Pranks; Slang; Wheaton traditions; Minority students; the Pledge; Dorm life; Dining hall; Political views; Reactions toward Wheaton; Upsetting events on Campus; Mandatory ROTC involvement; What Wheaton is really like; Goals
Item 7643: Sachiro & Ruth Kumata interview, 1886-1945Add to your cart.
IMMIGRATION/JAPAN – Journey to America; Schooling; Reasons for coming to US; Problems in US; Life in US – San Francisco, Fresno, Seattle; Jobs in US; Ruth Kumata to America; Marriage; Treatment in Seattle; 1924 Japanese Immigrants; Japanese history; Living in Seattle; Japanese community; Children; The Depression; Wartime
Item 7644: David Miller interview, 1971-1974Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Fashion; Social Life; the Pledge; RAs; Friends; Cliques; Campus Activities; Dining Hall; Dating; Academic Competition; Teachers; Classmates; Goals; Political Science; Life, View Changes; Spiritual Life; Chapel; College Outreach; Political Involvement; Administration-Student Relations; Feelings about Wheaton
Item 7645a: John Gration interview, 1950-1951Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Graduate school; Professors; Memories of Wheaton; Undergrad dining facilities; Student attitude; Chapel; Wheaton’s uniqueness; Restrictions; Maintaining balance in spiritual and academic life; Differences btwn students then and now; Missions; Social activities; Dress code; Political attitudes of students
Item 7645b: Gene Taylor interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7646: Irene Johnson interview, 1929-1975Add to your cart.
COLLEGE CHURCH -- Sunday school; Choir; Church
Item 7647a: John Abraham interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7647b: David Willis interview, 1950-1955Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Switch from Biola to Wheaton; Differences between Biola and Wheaton; Chapel; Biology; Wheaton academics; Campus atmosphere; Social and political action on campus; Outstanding people and events, Dr. Edman; Faculty mode of teaching; Significant changes; Issues of the 50s evolution, traditionalism; Has Wheaton gone the proper pathway?; Social events of the 50s; Dorm conditions; Christian temperament on campus in the 50s; Bible institutions
Item 7648a: Ruth and Parents Kumata interview (interviewed by Calvin Chinen)Add to your cart.
Item 7648b: Shosaku and Ayako Sahara interview, 1894-1945Add to your cart.
IMMIGRATION/WWII – Birth and marriage; Immigration to America; Japan – only visit/marriage; Reasons for Immigration; Settlement in CA; White attitude towards Japanese; Vegetable store before and during the Depression; Children; Intro to church (Presbyterian); Activities of Japanese Community: Entertainment—Sports, Picnics; Review (cities lived in, church ministry to students); Vegetable store – ownership and land; Feeling about Attack on manchuria; Children’s Feelings; WWII – First Impressions—Business; Left Home; Relocation Camps; First camp – Jobs, living conditions; Second Camp – jobs, schooling; Chicago life – working in a bakery; Attitudes of people towards Japanese in 1945; Children’s schooling
Item 7649: Dr. John Alexander interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7650: Cyril Luckman interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7651: Marion Isel interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7652: Clara Wheaton interview, 1900-1904Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Building at Wheaton; Reasons for Coming; Music; Dress Code; Places to go; College Church; Dating; Missionary Kids; Class of 1904; Wheaton Traditions; Pranks; Rules; Nondenominational Church; Sports; Charles Blanchard; Jonathan Blanchard; Wheaton Women; Goal to Marry; Missionary Work; Met Husband; English Teacher; Grading System; Chapel talks; Movies; Homesickness; Alumni banquet; Life styles
Item 7653a: Robert Hoppe interview, 1961-1963Add to your cart.
Item 7653b: Norman Persma interview (interviewed by Bob Hoppe), 1957-1969Add to your cart.
COLOMBIA-L.A.M. – Colombian situation; Religious situation; Home life; Position of the male; Discovering the reality of Christianity; Love for wife; Impact of Catholicism; Dr. Persma’s work; Christian population; Church planting; Training the native people; Religious expression; Music; Prayer for the suffering; Resistance to the Gospel; How missions helps
Item 7654a: Ada Winsor interview (interviewed by Debbie De Wolfe), 1916-1920Add to your cart.
Item 7654b: Earl Winsor interview, 1918Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Campus appearance; Students; Personal schooling; Curriculum; Wheaton College Academy; Social life (Washington banquet, Lit. societies); Campus rules; Social events; The intellectual atmosphere; Sports (Coach Coray); Spiritual life of campus; His social life; His teaching; WWII; His married life; Alumni Banquet; Groups, clubs on campus; Community responses; Other colleges compared to Wheaton; Notoriety of Wheaton; Church experiences; Dr. Edman
Item 7655: Noboru Honda interview (interviewed by Calvin Chinen), 1940-1950Add to your cart.
JAPANESE INTERNMENT CAMPS – Childhood, Family Life; Japanese life in the US; Prejudice; Japan’s Government; Pearl Harbor/WWII; Evacuation to Relocation Camps; Life in the Camp; America’s Treatment of Japanese Americans; Leaving the Camp; Work; Results of the Camps
Item 7656: Unidentified,Nissei Man interview (interviewed by Calvin Chinen), 1940-1945Add to your cart.
Item 7657: Dan Good interview, 1971-1975Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Favorite place; Fashions; Student attitude toward buildings; Hang-outs; Dating; Pranks; Minorities; Dorm life; Friends; SAGA; Entertainment/Artist Series; PDA; Intellectual life; Academic standards; Personal Impact; Values; Philosophy major; Organizations/Glee Club; Favorite Wheaton speaker; Senator Hatfield; Extra programs; Christianity in schools Views on life; Spiritual life, revivals, Bible studies; Code changes and acceptance; College-community relations; Political involvement; ROTC; Major positive and negative reactions
Item 7659: Dr. Steven and Mrs. Barabas interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Joining Wheaton faculty; Early residence on campus; Meeting wife; Level of his students; Julia Blanchard; Dr. Buswell’s resignation; Literary societies; Residence in Bartlett Hall; Naivete in teaching; Relationships with students; His schooling and education; His family’s education; Faculty Interview, meetings; Amusing memories; Dealing with discouragement; Attitude of students; Concern for faculty; Alumni and their offspring; Courses he taught; Geographical contrasts; Retirement; Administration; Relationship with Dr. Edman; Honeyrock Camp; Talks by presidents; Dr. Armerding; Quality of Students; Future for Students; Faculty; Retirement and his library; Chapel
Item 7660: Ha Ruko Kanemoto interview (interviewed by Calvin Chinen), 1970-1980Add to your cart.
JAPANESE IMMIGRANT – Family property; Camp life; The assembly center; Birth of her daughter; Uncertainty of the time to be spent in camp; Attitudes toward the war; Pledging of loyalty and the forced choosing of sides; Repatriation; Second internment camp; Conflict in camp; Reasons for being at that particular camp; Orders to leave; Moving with young children; Move by train; Final departure; Her parents’ departure from camp and settlement in Chicago; Father’s and husband’s disposition; Son’s death; Father’s feelings about camp life; Taking money to the bank; Father’s satisfaction with life; Work after camp in Chicago; Father teaching work at home to mother; Women and work; Work in the shop; House in Chicago; Lack of Japanese neighbors; Homes; Husband’s work in and after camp; Husband’s health; Work in a factory; Her job in Chicago; Credit given to parents and over-all accomplishments in a new country; Her contacts with Japan
Item 7662: Unknown interview, 1945-1946Add to your cart.
Item 7663: Yuichi Takahashi interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7664a: Gordon Fee interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7664b: Harold Harper interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7665: Mrs. Kenneth Gieser interview, 1941-1958Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical information; Reason for attending Wheaton; Dorm life of Wheaton women; Studies; Social life; Literary societies; Coney Island Night; Decorations; Informals; Washington Banquet; Spring banquets and programs; Wheaton tradition; Flag rush; Senior bench; Academic standards; Dining hall food;  School spirit; Spiritual growth; Campus day; Teachers; Athletic leaders; Concepts of Wheaton; President; Students’ attitude toward life and college; Lasting friendships
Item 7666a: Faculty Workshop interviewAdd to your cart.
FACULTY WORKSHOP -- Intro of Dr. Armerding; Change in high education;
Item 7666b: Laurel Wilcox interview (interviewed by Miriam Ziemer)Add to your cart.
Item 7667a: William Lindberg interview (interviewed by Rick Parks)Add to your cart.
MINORITY PROGRAM AT WHEATON COLLEGE – Early attempts to establish program for minority students at Wheaton; Limited approval for a program; Institution’s lack of flexibility during early years; Realization that the administration did not value the program; Discrimination via financial aid and admissions procedures; Lack of minority faculty and staff; Example of institutional mistakes with a minority student; Lack of good admissions standards for minority students; Ideas for revision of minority student program; Opinion of black student body at Wheaton; Why black student leaders leave Wheaton
Item 7667b: William Lindberg interview (interviewed by Rick Parks), 1967-1969Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE MINORITIES -  Biographical information; Need for propensity programs for Christian minorities; Recruited minority students from New York and Chicago; Fall 1968 minority student program began; Institution naïve; No minority staff available for counsel; Financial aid problems; Social life disastrous; Deteriorating black and white relations in society; Mistakes which curtailed program; Top administration wasn’t ready for program; White orientation of Wheaton; Atmosphere felt by minority students; Institution dragging its feet; Desire of administration to make progress; Problems faced by black students; Lost their identity; Leadership students left college; Ones that stayed faced difficulties
Item 7668: Tom Frazier interview, 1970-1973Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE MINORITY STUDENTS – Minority awareness on Wheaton campus; Fischer Dorm; Christian commitment, the Pledge, cynicism; Dr. Weber’s “Silence of God” Chapel address; Racism on campus; Problems of being a minority student; Student and administrative attitudes; Pros/Cons of football recruitment; First impressions of Wheaton; Ministry-Freeman Family project; Football, extracurricular activities; Football, change in coaches; Close relationships; Young life ministry; Reflection on Wheaton academics; Future plans; Encouragement to future students; Experiences in admission to Wheaton
Item 7669: Howard Killion interview (interviewed by Howard Killion), 1960-1969Add to your cart.
MINORITIES – Background; Personal Experience with Minority Groups; Wheaton’s Relationship with Minority Students; Wheaton’s Relationship with Black Community; Good aims but ignorant of problems; Immature and non-Christian minority students; Poor educational background of minority students; Negative experience with police; Intercultural dating and marriage
Item 7670: Evan Welsh interview (interviewed by Ron), 1920-1975Add to your cart.
CSC – Biographical information; CSC more like YMCA; Role of College Church—Jonathan Blanchard; Spiritual fall of Wheaton College – Fall 1921; League of Evangelical students at Princeton; Work and split of Wheaton Bible and College Churches—Dr. Buswell; The churches’ cooperation with CSC; Backsliding of Wheaton students—Charles Blanchard Weaver, Coach Coray; Liberalism of Baptist Church; CSC ministries under college administration; Black troubles and CSC’s ministry; His association with CSC; Marge Glover as head of CSC; Cynicism of student body, faculty, and administration; Gordon Hoffman as CSC leader; Controversy of non-evangelical president of CSC; Joining together of students to insure election of evangelical CSC leader; Bill Lindberg as head of CSC – social passion but salvation primacy; Pat Milliken as leader; 1960’s campus situation – New spirit on Wheaton’s campus; Dave Howard as CSC head – realization of Jonathan Blanchard’s vision; Change of CSC – salvation couple with social help; Student leadership of CSC; Rebellious nature of Wheaton students – Vietnam War; Growth of small prayer groups – SMF; “Koinonia” on Sunday nights; Importance of the minister to modify his approach
Item 7671: Donald Mitchell interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7672: Salem Witch Trial Narration interviewAdd to your cart.
SALEM WITCH TRIALS – Witchcraft in the Middle Ages; Reasons for the trials; Arrival of the new pastor and the servant woman Tutuba; Tutuba and her meetings; Emotional conflict of the Puritan girls and the stories of Tutuba; Girls fall sick and diagnosed as witchcraft; Attempts to cure witchcraft and to obtain names of leaders; Poor reputations of two women suspects; Preliminary hearings; Belief that devil could not take the shape of an innocent person; Confessions of Tutuba; New accusations and verdicts; Rebecca Nurse’s trial; New court to hear cases; Trial of Brigitte Bishop; Hanging on Brigitte Bishop; Spectral evidence and it’s validity; Judges action after ministers caution; Excommunication of Rebecca Nurse; Four other women tried and hanged; Six more defendants and their fates; Reverse Justice; End of the executions; The young girls go too far and end of the new trials; Special sessions to complete trials; reparations of Massachusetts for the witch trials; Realization of the mistake made by the government and the leaders
Item 7673: Harriet Nilson interview, 1910-1915Add to your cart.
STUDENT LIFE/ HERMAN FISCHER – Campus buildings; Student life; Student societies; Off campus activities; Speakers on campus; Academic life; Teachers; Columbia University; Favorite Teachers; Herman Fisher (father); Astronomy; President Blanchard; Chapel; Student Prayer Meeting; Education; Goals; Accomplishments of classmates; Articles for the 1912 Record; 50th Anniversary of Wheaton; Missionary in Turkey; YWMY; Other missionaries; Changing views; Spiritual life; College Church; Bible Church; Split of the College Church; President Blanchard’s views on slavery
Item 7675: Vontella Suddarth Sheridan interview, 1946-1950Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Crowded housing; Nursing program at North Park; Popular places; Buildings; Dating problem (lack of); Traditions; Rules, restrictions; Sports; Food; Dress-up night -–Literary Society meetings; Entertainment – Artist Series; Social Customs; Studying; Academic competition; Teachers and classes; Integration of Christian ideas in class; Requirements; Chapel; Revival of 1950; Day of Prayer; Outreach groups; Class of 1950 – Pranks, etc; Bill Johnson – first homecoming queen; Senior Sneak
Item 7676a: Robert A. De Wolfe interview (interviewed by Debbie De Wolfe), 1940-1944Add to your cart.
Item 7676b: Robert Dewolfe interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7677: Carl and Peter Nelson interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7678a: Ruth Bamford interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7678b: Kriegbaum and Bamford interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7678: Marilyn Scribner interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7679: C. Starzer interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7681: David Case interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7682a: Ada Winsor interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7682b: Alice and Earl Winsor interview, 1920-1924Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Society; Competitions between societies; Parties; Living conditions; Dating life; Mischief; Games; Classes; Faculty; Favorite classes; Good teachers; Other classes; Grading system; Not a difficult college; Discipline; Rules; Old memories; Fashions; Meeting husband; Friends; Wheaton girls; Girl sports; Boy sports; Old gymnasium; Buildings; Spiritual attitudes; Dr. Baker; Chapel speakers; Spiritual issues; Christian ministries
Item 7683: WMBI Broadcast On Ar interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7684: Mr. & Mrs. Dresser interview, 1920-1948Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE AND COLLEGE CHURCH HISTORY – College Summer school; Language requirement; Restrictions and fun on campus; Field trips and concerts; Summer banquet; Pledge for summer school; Dress code; College Church and relationship with other churches; Wheaton, a dry town; College Church involved socially; Status of Wheaton; Wheaton Brothers; Pastors of College Church; Baseball Team; Wheaton Alumni; College Church drops ties with Congregational Church; College Church involved as body; Church ties with Wheaton College; Personal experience
Item 7686: Evan Welsh interview, 1921-1972Add to your cart.
COLLEGE CHURCH – Replacement of his father for pastor Nitez; Meeting facilities in Blanchard; Jonathan Blanchard and his supportive role in College Church; Reasons for the name “College Church of Christ”; Pierce Chapel built for services; Cooperativeness between Wheaton and College Church; Beginnings of divisions among members; The Wheaton, Blanchard, and Gary relationship; Congregationalism as liberal theology; Membership description; A need to pull out of all denominations; Blanchard, east wing completed; Buswell and accomplishments; Vote: Congregationalism as the denomination; Split into two churches; National scandal; Welsh comes to pastor the College Church; Relationship between the two churches; Trustee meeting called; The College Church pays for equities; Seperateness of the two churches; Student church-going; Welsh pastors C.C. from 1933-46; The Presbyterian church; Birth of Wheaton Pledge; Dr. Machan and his unrest with pledge; Modernism in other churches; New football coach Walker; Bad influence of Walker; Buswell took the heat; Buswell resigns, Edman becomes president; Growth of school; Bible Church and College Church differences; The College Church tower; Other College Church pastors
Item 7687: Elbert Dresser interview, 1929-1976Add to your cart.
COLLEGE CHURCH HISTORY – Growing up in Fischer Chapel; Building of new church (Pierce Chapel); Pastors; Conversion and membership into the church 1929; Split of the church 1929; Building of modern-day church; Sunday school; Sunday school picnics; Geology of his family; Church-community relations; Mrs. Dresser’s Wheaton College experiences: rules and restrictions; Studying for exams; Dating
Item 7688: Evan Welsh interviewAdd to your cart.
COLLEGE CHURCH – College Church Rules; Bank bonds stolen; Wheaton College viewed as “queer”; Wheaton grows in statues; Discipline; Worldliness at Wheaton; Girls wearing make-up; Welsh as pastor; Enforcement of rules; Opinions of Dr. Buswell. Conflict with Bible Church; Bible Church active politically; Awakening to modernism; Evangelistic movement; Chapel services; Prophetic preaching; Balanced preaching; Wheaton is neo-evangelical
Item 7690: Ruth De Wolfe interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7692: Black Singer Unknown interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7693: Harvey Chrouser interview (interviewed by Daniel Hill), 1973Add to your cart.
Item 7696: Arthur Rupprecht interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7697a: McClatchey and Patterson interviewAdd to your cart.
MINORITY STUDENTS – Wheaton’s Responsibility toward Minority Students; Wheaton’s Efforts towards Filling this Responsibility; Minority student recruitment; Minority chapel speakers; Addition of a black literature course; Wheaton’s policy on racism; Minority student recruitment – Little black interest in coming; Staff recruiting – minority faculty, counselors, and administrators; Priorities; Need more Minority Awareness
Item 7697b: Chaplain Pat Patterson interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7698: Yuichi Takamashi interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 76101: Tom Skinner interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 76102: Yuichi Takamashi interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 76104: James Lower interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7700: Mark Williams interview (interviewed by Del Belcher), 1914-1977Add to your cart.
WHEATON CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL – Administration; Split from Wheaton College; Relation with Wheaton College; Reasons for split; Financial problems of past; Financial situation of present; Discipline of Christians in culture of 1950s; Education changes in past ten years; Percentage of college-bound seniors 1970s vs. 1960s; How Wheaton Christian HS compares to others; Parents concern; Characteristics of WCHS; Joan Belcher – 1962 Graduate of WCHS; Government funding; Administration Committee problems; Renovation of old school buildings; Types of students and missionary kids; Rate of growth in WCHS; Administration problems
Item 7701a: Sakaye Kato interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7701b: Kenji Nakane interview (interviewed by Calvin Chinen)Add to your cart.
Item 7701c: George Newitt interview, 1940-1975Add to your cart.
STUDY OF LAW‑ADVICE – Preparation for Law; Patten Law; Criminal Law; “Inside” law; Philosophy of Law
Item 7702a: Marion Kerr interview (interviewed by Miriam Ziemer)Add to your cart.
Item 7702b: Harriet Nilson interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7702c: John Westra interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7702d: Clara Wheaton interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7703a: Kay Gieser interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7703b: Frederick B. Mead interview, 1972-1975Add to your cart.
VIETNAM – Cease fire of Vietnam; Mead as an interpreter; Learning the language; Feelings about leaving Vietnam; Impressions of Vietnam; Feelings of Vietnamese about Americans; Actions of Americans about Vietnamese; Vietnamese families; Mead’s daily activities after cease fire; Details before cease fire; Feelings of return to America; Vietnamese friends; Fall of Vietnam
Item 7703c: Alice and Earl Winsor interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7703d: Earl Winsor interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7704: William Pollard interviewAdd to your cart.
V.P. FINANCE /Not For General Use/
Item 7705: Chuck Hagren interviewAdd to your cart.
THE CHURCH AND TAXES -- Abortion and the Church; Church in Society; Church and Taxation (schools); Freedom of Worship or Persecution-; Need for Study and a Balanced Life
Item 7706: David E. Dodrill interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7707: Emma Miner interview (interviewed by Deborah Roodvoets), 1930-1939Add to your cart.
GREAT DEPRESSION -- Stock Market Crash; Family; Jobs;  Food Lines; Clothes; Money in the Bank; Owned home; FDR's spending
Item 7710: Judge Guild interviewAdd to your cart.
LIFE AS JUDGE -- what is an appelate judge-; family life; Court Practice in DuPage and Chicago; the law profession; the quality of public defense; motivations for entering the law; family history; various laws; Christians and the law
Item 7711: Donald Chase interview, 1949-1977Add to your cart.
EDUCATION‑JR HIGH – PE teacher, Coach, Principal; Work with Junior High; Move from Dwayne St. to Glen Ellyn; Parents’ expectations; Role of schools; Problems with education; Kids have better education today; Referendum – school fund; Money for disctrict 41 local taxation and state; Grade school and high school – different districts; Taxes not structured enough; Interrelation among classes; Staff main strength; Socio-economic differences; Greatest weakness a lack of funds for teachers; Reduce class size; School board; Transfer students; Lower-middle class students; Kids more sophisticated; Problems among students; Drug problems; Vandalism; Delinquency; Slow vs. rapid learners; Special class rooms; Vocational training vs. college prep; C.O.D.; Changes among teenagers since 1960; Conservative dress; Glen Ellyn affected by Chicago; Greatest change in legislation equal financial support; Mandate programs with no financial support; Active in community affairs; Staff; The community; Athletics
Item 7712a: David E. Dodrill interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7712b: Carl W. Nelson interview (interviewed by Kurt Tillman), 1953-1976Add to your cart.
Item 7713: Ken Powell interview (interviewed by Steven Orcutt), 1953-1955Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE -- Dorms; The Pledge; Campus Atmosphere; Academics; Faculty and classes
Item 7714: George Goodrich interview, 1915-1977Add to your cart.
GLEN ELLYN – Biographical information; Living at Chesterville Country Club; Aurora and Elgin Railroad (J.P. Morgan Buyout); Family life as a Teamster’s son; Life at Acherman’s farm; Farm at Chesterfield; Moving a barn across the tracks; Wheaton High School; Lombard High School; High school during the Depression; Glen Ellyn; First churches of Glen Ellyn; Pastimes in Glen Ellyn; Work during the Depression; Politics; Life during the Depression; Main roads around Glen Ellyn; Road construction; Crimes linked with taxes; Police department; Glen Ellyn park district; Coal furnaces; Complaints about Glen Ellyn; Minuses of living in Glen Ellyn; Chicago workers living in Glen Ellyn; Present education abroad and in Glen Ellyn; Present taxes; Nature; Glen Ellyn good or bad
Item 7715: Mabel Pfund interview, 1920-1941Add to your cart.
PERSONAL HISTORY, GLEN ELLYN – Father built homes in Glen Ellyn area; Grade School: no buses, class size, entertainment, transportation; Junior High; High school: classes, the principal, women’s athletics, men’s athletics, graduating class; Shopping; College; Churches; Jobs she had; Shopping in area; Commuting to Chicago; Description of neighborhood; Effects of the Depression on family, town; Impression of Wheaton College in early 1900’s; Opinion of Glen Ellyn; Glen Ellyn vs. Wheaton; Glen Ellyn sites to see; Glen Ellyn Reputation; Changes in buildings/housing since early 1900’s; The people of Glen Ellyn
Item 7716: Louise Goodrich interview, 1890-1977Add to your cart.
Lived on farm in Glen Ellyn, family of five girls, Illinois Central railroad, discussion of Indians, how Glen Ellyn has changed, farming, etc.
Box 2Add to your cart.
Item 7717: Jean Kline interview (interviewed by Heidi Damon), 1950Add to your cart.
REVIVAL OF 1950 – Spiritual Revival Week; Prayer meetings; Dr. Edman; Holy Spirit moving through Pierce chapel; Confessions; Reactions, follow up on confessions; Revivals at other colleges; Students after Revival; Community reaction; Current need for Revival; Difference between years; Studying of students after revival; Personal effects of revival; Helping people
Item 7718: Merrill Tenney interview (interviewed by Heidi Damon), 1950Add to your cart.
WHEATON REVIVAL OF 1950 – Personal relation and involvement; Campus expectation; Notification; Personal effects; Situation; Effects; Problems – need of Revival; Necessity of public confession; Bringing about of a revival; Confession and effects; Validity and Sincerity; Percentage of people involved; World problems/cause; Today vs. 1950; Why the cause; Definition of Revival; Ending of the 36 hrs. meeting; Missionaries; Dr. Cornfield – contemporary student of 1950; Why missionaries increased; Necessity of revival; Wish for another revival?; How/what to do now; Need or daily revival/ and reference book; Negative reactions?
Item 7719: Earle Cairns interview (interviewed by Hiedi Damon), 1950Add to your cart.
REVIVAL OF 1950 – Students pray for revival; Revivals not preceded by crisis; Revival begins; Day of prayer; Reasons for no current revival; Great Awakening at Wheaton; Reasons for limited movement; Effect on other schools; The Great Awakenings; Factors that contribute to Revival; Prayer by Dr. Edman; Dr. Armerding Sr.’s Prayer; Nothing unusual triggered revival; Start of revival; Genuine revival; Things better left unsaid; Sensationalism; Newspaper coverage; Students, teachers share personal experiences; Effect of revival on community; Emotional highs; Those affected besides students; Distinction between revival and evangelism; Rural and urban revivals; Lack of dynamic preachers; Increased Bible study; A New Awakening; Affecting society; Revival in corruption; Things revival held off; Negative aspect of revival; Personal impact and perspectives; Current results of revival; Effect of revival today
Item 7720: Dr. William Kornfield interview, 1950Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Revival Class Meeting with God; Ed Johnson – speaker from Seattle; Testimonies; Holy Spirit worked through evangelism; Work of the Holy Spirit at Wheaton; Danger in Academics; How to be humble; God’s leading to mission field; Confidence in Dad’s salvation, conversion; Jim Milton and brother; Asking for forgiveness; Prayer Meetings; Effects of Revival; No spiritual stereotypes; Current life vs. life during revival; New walk with God; New attitude toward Wheaton community; 36 hour prayer meeting; Change in classrooms; Negative reaction to the revival; Pre-revival and post-revival; Readiness for revival
Item 7721: Edward Coray interview (interviewed by Heidi Damon), 1936-1950Add to your cart.
REVIVAL – Feb 1936 Evangelistic meetings; 1943 Confession of XC runner; Confessions of players during coaching career; Media’s response to revivals; Spread of revivals to other campuses; Attitudes on campus after revivals; Alumni and home churches questioned what happened to students; Pastor Johnson; Spiritual level of campus before revivals; Attitudes of students during revivals; Attitudes of students after revival of 1950; Participation of faculty in revival of 1950; Atmosphere in faculty after revival of 1950; Post revival attitudes carried over into basketball season; Bud Schaeffer; Other outstanding students during revivals; Missionaries as a result of revivals; Other revival type happenings on campus; Effect of wars on revivals; Effect of speakers on revivals; Changes within Coray’s result of revivals; Most impactive of three revivals; Attitudes of students today vs. then; Alumni’s response to three revivals; Effect of revival students on their home churches; Why Bud Schaeffer was what he was; Bud Schaeffer’s role in 1950 revival; Negative reactions to revivals; Reasons for more attention given to 1950 revival instead of 1936 and 1943
Item 7724: Steven Orcutt interview (interviewed by Diane Busch)Add to your cart.
Item 7725: Alan Peterson interview (interviewed by Deborah Roodvoets), 1970-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7726: Christopher Johnson interview (interviewed by Deborah Roovoets), 1974-1975Add to your cart.
DUKE AND WHEATON – DUKE: Size; Dorms; Dorm structure; RD; Attitudes of people in dorm; Co-ed dorms; Rules and restrictions; Drugs; Fireworks; Smoking; Drinking; Dancing and parties; Dress codes; Streaking; Lights out; Religious activities; Religion department; College affiliation; Duke Divinity School; Religious controversy; Chapel requirements and history; Chapel attendance; Church; Other special services; Political views; Terry Sanford aspirations for presidency; Anti-Nixon times; Studying and academic levels; Difficulty of Duke vs. Wheaton; Amount learned at Duke vs. Wheaton; Competition; Premed at Wheaton; Student-teacher relations; Attitudes of teachers; School spirit; Personal areas of growth; Reasons for spiritual growth; Challenge; Growing to know himself; Reasons for transfer to Wheaton; Disagreement with Theological teachings; What was learned at Wheaton; Areas of growth at Wheaton; Overall major difference between Wheaton and Duke
Item 7727: Donald Zimmerman interview, 1970-1975Add to your cart.
BOB JONES UNIVERSITY – Dorms at BJU; Rule system; Dress code; Curfew and wake-up times; Dating, marriage; Chapel; Controversial views – no communion, Bible doctrines; Church; Political awareness; Studying; Academic competition; Student-teacher relations; Residence staff; School spirit; Intramural sports; “Societies,” Rush week; Thoughts about himself as a BJU grad; His job as a Minister of Youth and Music; Reasons for attending BJU versus Wheaton; Areas of growth while attending BJU
Item 7728: Diane Busch interview (interviewed by Steven Orcutt), 1974-1975Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE, CARTHAGE COLLEGE – Enrollment at Carthage; Buildings and effect on campus life; RDs vs. Wheaton RAs; Attitudes toward campus housing; The Pledge; Response to authority; Chapel; Religious association of Carthage; Political awareness of campus; studying at Carthage vs. Wheaton; Comparison of academic standards, competition; Teacher’s relations at Carthage; School spirit; Personal growth at Carthage; Reasons for transferring to Wheaton; Expense comparison; Reasons for choosing Carthage; Social and spiritual aspects of Carthage and Wheaton; Attitude toward rules at Wheaton; Attitude toward rule changes; Attitude toward pledge breakers; Integration of faith and learning at both schools
Item 7729: Irv Philgreen interview (interviewed by D. Roodvoets), 1951-1966Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE (BOB JONES UNIVERSITY ??) – College Life; Statement of Responsibilities; Changing of rules over time; College community life; Enforcement of rules; Chapel and spiritual emphasis; Controversy over beliefs; Political awareness; Federal govt. involvement at Wheaton; Teachers ad salaries; Study time; Competition between students & other schools; Teachers cared for students; Relationships with hall monitor; Intramurals; Classes/courses; Development of the total person; Personal influences of Wheaton; Changes at Wheaton and in the world; Christianity’s relativity to the times; possibility of better experiences elsewhere; Cultural blindness at colleges
Item 7731: Russell Mixter interview (interviewed by Glenn Cameron)Add to your cart.
CREATION – Creation Research Society; American Scientific Affiliation; Dating Methods; Dr. Gish; Birth of Earth (4004 BC) Discussed; C.R.S. Appealation to Differing Audiences; Torey’s Statement Discussed; Less Conservative Theories: “Progressive” Creation, Evolution; Scientific Research – Genetic Overtones; Age of Earth – 4 Billion Years – Supported; Role of Geology in Dating; Dating by Layers of Earth; Man Discussed; Scriptural Comparisons (Pre-Adamic races); God’s Interaction – Man’s Distinctiveness; Theological vs. Biological Man; Dr. Mixter’s Theory; Theologians: Buswell, Days in Genesis, Reconstitution Hypothesis, Literal – Witcomb; Basic Purpose of Genesis Account; Ethical Problems; Repairing of Breach of Differing Thoughts; Dr. Mixter’s controversial Materials
Item 7732a: Gleason Archer interview (interviewed by Glenn Cameron)Add to your cart.
CREATION – Summary of education; Evidence against Evolution; Creation by chance; Eternity of matter; Evolution assumes effect without cause; Matter cannot be eternal; Antiquity of the earth; Creation of Man; Creation days were stages not 24 hour days; Reaction to question of Hebrews making up Creation story; Charge at science in their dating method
Item 7732b: James Jennings interview (interviewed by James Cameron)Add to your cart.
Item 7736: Samuel Schultz interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7738: Wayne Whitemore interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7739: Bryce Kevin Harris interview (interviewed by Glenn Lutjens), 1972-1977Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Major in school; Student attitudes toward facilities; Changes in campus facilities; Slang words and cliches; Rule changes in student contract; Student reactions; Groups on campus; Academic competition; Faculty grading; Student goals; Characteristics of Christian education; Class structure; Course content and work load; Differences in Undergrad and Grad school; Attitudes toward studying; Clubs with Intellectual stimulation; Student responses to Kodon; Intellectual and spiritual growth; Effects of knowledge; Church attendance; On campus fellowships; Campus-community relationships; Student employment policy changes; Influence of historical events; Student responses; Ushering at Edman; Special events; Men’s Glee Club; Wheaton’s Impact
Item 7740: Harry O. Johnson interview (interviewed by Barb Caine), 1920-1950Add to your cart.
LIFE – Family; Homesteading; School; Ranching; Moonshine and fighting roosters; Law and order in West; Chicago; Trade school; Night job at American Express; “Hobo” transportation; Roaring twenties; Electronics school; Fencing a ranch; Work with the telephone company; Dating, marriage; Entertainment; Gasoline business; Finances/Wages Ranching vs. Telephone company; Gasoline business responsibilities; Housing; Wages; Effects of Depression: lifestyles, rationing, friends, WPA; Effects of minimal education; Favorite job: ranch work
Item 7750: David Allen interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7774: Mary Elizabeth Johnson interview (interviewed by Barb Caine), 1906-1932Add to your cart.
AMERICAN LIFE IN THE EARLY 20TH CENTURY – Farming; Move to Longmont, CO; Father; Mountain Trip; Town of Longmont; Colorado State Teacher’s College; First Teaching Job; Second Teaching Job; Third Teaching Job; Married Life
Item 7776: James Troupis interview, 1977Add to your cart.
LAW SCHOOL -- Getting into law school; Expenses of law school; Expectations of law school; Aspects of practicing law
Item 7780: Eleverda Kelly interview, 1973-1977Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Choice of college; Theatre group; Spiritual life; Life in Fischer Dorm; Relationship with RA; Sophomore year in Evans Dorm; Doubts of remaining at Wheaton; Relationships with Professors; Social life; Changes from Freshman to Sophomore year; Dating; Competition; Junior year off campus; Job as chapel-recorder; Wheaton in England; Theatre friends; Senior year expectations; Present connections with Wheaton; Influence of Wheaton
Item 7782: Lowell L. Lewis interview (interviewed by Brent Dehamer), 1964-1972Add to your cart.
HIGH SCHOOL IN 1960S; TAYLOR UNIVERSITY – Wheaton North High School; Mid-60’s: Age of rebellion; Wheaton vs. Taylor; Registering for the draft; Transition from High School to College; Dorm Life; The Revolutionary Years; “Earth Day”; Bike-racing; Pranks; Dating; Minority Students; Keeping in Touch with Friends; Slang; Student trends and images; College Programs; Views of Life; Spiritual Life; Chapel; Small town campus;  Student Organizations; Student-Faculty Relationships; Student Jobs; Science Facilities; Computers; Current Job
Item 7790: Chris Troupis interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7793: Lois Roodvoets interview (interviewed by Deborah Roodvoets), 1929-1935Add to your cart.
Item 7794: Florence Chitester interview (interviewed by Deborah Rood-Voets), 1929-1935Add to your cart.
THE GREAT DEPRESSION -- Rough times of the stock market crash; Many lost much; Programs for help; Father
Item 77121: Evan Welsh interview (interviewed by Del Belcher)Add to your cart.
Item 77122: Mark Williams interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7801: Evan Welsh interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7802: Ruth Cording interview (interviewed by Mary? N/A), 1860-1929Add to your cart.
COLLEGE HISTORY – Reasons for coming to Wheaton; Founding of the library – Julia Blanchard; Center of campus; Blanchard, Williston, and Academy; Original plan for Blanchard; College seal and colors; Genealogy and background of Blanchards; “For Christ and his Kingdom”; Williston Hall; Origin of the Alma Mater; Ruth’s song about learning Wheaton History; Joke; Familiarization with the archives; Doughnuts and apple cider; Recording of dedication prayer
Item 7901a: Chitra Charles interview (interviewed by Tim Amstutz)Add to your cart.
Item 7901b: Jonathan & Phoebe Quek interview (interviewed by Tim Amstutz)Add to your cart.
Wheaton grad students, studied at University of Manchester (UK), Canada,
Item 7902: Ken Aigler interview (interviewed by Philip Wong), 1968-1969Add to your cart.
VIETNAM WAR – How he got involved; Effects of the war; Treatment of Vietnamese by the government; Treatment of GI’s; Saigon; MPC (Military Payment Certificates) changeover; Geographic locations where he flew; Cambodia; From infantry to helicopter unit; The TET offensive; Helicopters; On the battlefield; Politics of the war; The American GI; Mistreatment of POWs; Treatment of Captured Vietnamese; The land/geography; Missions to pick up dead and wounded; Missions to pick up dead and wounded; Emotional needs of the GI; Treatment of veterans
Item 7903: Kenneth Aigler interview (interviewed by Philip Wong), 1968-1969Add to your cart.
VIETNAM -- Life as a GI; MPC; Cambodia; On the Battlefield; Missions
Item 7904a: Sophia Ansley interview, 1900-1909Add to your cart.
US‑SWEDEN COMPARED – Biographical information; Immigrating to US; Why she came; Family; Misses Sweden; First year in the US; Learning languages; Life in Sweden vs. US; Political differences; Education in Sweden; Family background; Close family; Experience on the ship; Thoughts on becoming a citizen; Siblings; Travel is easier in Europe
Item 7904b: Bob Lundgren interview (interviewed by Dawn Holeman)Add to your cart.
Item 7905a: Linnea Corcoran interview (interviewed by Dawn Holeman)Add to your cart.
SWEDISH IMMIGRATION - Life in Sweden; Life when she came to the US; education in Sweden vs. US; citizenship; her family.
Item 7905b: Gulvie Paulson interview (interviewed by Dawn Holeman)Add to your cart.
Item 7906: Dave Brandel interview, 1922-1972Add to your cart.
IMMIGRATION FROM SWEDEN – Family; Jobs (carpentry); Apartment prices; Contrast America/Sweden; Leaving Sweden; Discrimination against immigrants; Chiropractor; Children visit Sweden; Children learn Swedish; Swedish spoken at home; Delivery in Europe; Children’s schooling; Feelings on changes since going home twice; Christmas
Item 7907: Anna Anderson interview, 1911Add to your cart.
IMMIGRATION FROM SWEDEN – Family; Jobs (carpentry); Apartment prices; Contrast America/Sweden; Leaving Sweden; Discrimination against immigrants; Chiropractor; Children visit Sweden; Children learn Swedish; Swedish spoken at home; Delivery in Europe; Children’s schooling; Feelings on changes since going home twice; Christmas
Item 8001: Ron Gifford interview (interviewed by Steve Fowl), 1965-1980Add to your cart.
CHURCHES AND WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical information; Wheaton Alliance and Masonic Temple; Blanchard Road Church; Change in type of students who attend church; Reasons for attitude changes; Wheaton College-Blanchard Road Church relationship; College’s ability to improve students’ church habits; College Administration-Ron Gifford Relationship; Relationships between pastors from different churches; Older Member-College Student relationships; Missionaries; Church growth; Changes in the Wheaton community; Wheaton youth; Generation Gaps in the church; Ron’s adjustment from Canada to Wheaton
Item 8002: Lucy Fernandes interview (interviewed by Frieda Behn)Add to your cart.
Item 8104: Kyndria Brown interview (interviewed by Gaye Vanbig-Gelen)Add to your cart.
VANGUARD PROGRAM – Reason for joining the Vanguard program; Stress; Vanguard program – irresponsible and dangerous?; Self-sacrifice; Concern for own responsibility; Health of self endangered?; Patience; God’s protection; Tempting God?; Working as a group; For benefit of group; Group tasks; A necessity; Hiking; Reaching goals; Learning techniques; Lost; No help; Solo – Isolated, fasting, know self, scary, valuable; Rappelling and belaying – trusting God, others, and self, climbing; Fall and pain; Conviction; Summary of program; Values gained – responsibility, enough time, God’s greatness, mother, spontaneous values; Life related to vanguard – a microcosm, serving God, conviction; Learning experience – Dimension of God, self’s dimension, through group activities, learning to be a servant, seeking out completion, in contact with God; Leadership; Program recommendation
Item 8105: Henry Nelson interview (interviewed by Carol Joy Warren), 1969-1981Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Experiences before coming to Wheaton; 1960’s – Protest and Demonstrations; Comparing ‘60’s and ‘70’s; Student dress, attitudes in ‘60’s; Special Experience with Students; Humorous events, pranks; Significant leaders & administrators; Job Responsibilities; Past decisions shaping college today: Dress Code, Statement of Responsibilities; Faculty Relationships; Goals; Changes for future; Students’ Backgrounds; Minority students; Personal Concerns for College
Item 8107: Becky Michael interview (interviewed by Anna Brown), 1963-1981Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Fallsbury (Town & Community); Life Changes; Excelling in one area; Track; Group Activities; Ministries; Uptown Girls Club; Street Evangelism; Chapel; Academic Competition at Wheaton and in High School; Student-Faculty Relations; Social Life; Open Floors; Fischer; Big Sibs; The Pledge; Dress; Church; Concept of Wheaton before and after enrollment; Personal Goals
Item 8108: Curtis Bashaw interview (interviewed by Brad Alen), 1920-1930Add to your cart.
BUSWELL – Biographical information; Grandfather (Buswell) and MacIntire friendship; Board of Foreign Missions; Grandfather as student; Member of Board; Document about church; Men didn’t believe in Bible; Trial of Board; Drinking of liquor; Church building taken away; Forming of new seminary; Fundamentalist and Evangelicals; Separation of Church; Relation between believer and non-believer; Methods of Fundamentalist and Evangelicals; Key issues; Beliefs on different Presbyterian church; Readings of MacIntire’s letters; Grandfather’s age; Relations between Armerding and MacIntire; Protest of MacIntire; Need for purity
Item 8109: Terry Perciante interview (interviewed by Alicia Lundstrom), 1963-1967Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Years attended at Wheaton; Reasons for attending Wheaton; Academic facilities and living conditions; Academic pressures and their effect on social life; Artist Series; Differences in dress/social customs – 50’s vs. 70’s, formality vs. informality; 1960’s opposition and protestations of authority; Rise of criticism on campus from highly competitive students; Band Ministry throughout Latin America; Band; Vietnam War Effects on ROTC program and students; Students and Escapism – deep questioning and “finding oneself”; Failure of faculty to answer profound questions of students in 60’s; Students and maturity – 60’s vs. 70’s; Wheaton’s commitment – dress, tradition, etc, separating it from other campuses; Interactions with fellow students; Discipleship; Math Department; Failure of a small minority of students to take advantage of opportunities offered by Wheaton; Students not immune to problems of the 60’s, but dealing with them in acceptable ways; Criticism, inquiry, and argument more prevalent at Wheat in 60’s than present; More emphasis upon learning in 60’s than profession; Learning by questioning – pursuit of academic excellence
Item 8111: Tuyt Alexandra interview (interviewed by Suzanne Diddams), 1940-1981Add to your cart.
Experiences of mother and grandmother in Holland with Nazi regime.  Brutality of Germans.  Trade in countryside for goods.  Dutch Underground actions/Nazi reprisals.  Young German soldiers, 'just boys'.
Item 8114: Maurice Dobbins interview (interviewed by David Milligan), 1935-1952Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE CONSERVATORY – Biographical information; Academics at Wheaton from 1935-1939; Acretidation of Conservatory; Reasons for choosing Wheaton; Life in Wheaton; Wheaton campus; Conservatory; Required courses; Teachers; Bible requirements; Summer school; Chapel; Wheaton known internationally; Edman and Buswell; Music Department; Feelings about Wheaton now; Teaching years at Wheaton; Reasons for leaving; Mr. Cording (Head of Conserv.); Mr. Stann (previous to Cording); Faculty input on hiring; Chapel choir; Glee clubs; Campus expansion; Dorms and rooming; Semester vs. quarter system; Presidents
Item 8115: Mrs. J. Willson interview, 1940-1980Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical information; Growing up with Buswell’s and Edman’s sons; Father, Ed Coray, old AD, Coach, Alumni association and athletics; 1947 Spiritual life; Social life; Chapel; Campus issues; Academics; Teachers; Social affairs; the Pledge; Chicago sports; Rivalries, pranks, homecoming spirit; Student financial situations; Family lines at Wheaton; Comparison of husband as coach and father Ed Coray; Comparing students of various schools; WWII; Popular songs; Town/College relations; Statement of faith; Contact with old college friends; Problem students; Ed Coray; Record; WETN Drama on campus; Honey Rock
Item 8116: Mark Oestreicher interview (interviewed by Jeff Mazanec), 1981Add to your cart.
STUDENT EXPERIENCE – Biographical information; First news of Wheaton; Considers fields of interest; Discouraging circumstances; Changes majors; Advice from Wheaton grads; Application process; Christian liberal arts; Testimony; Application, acceptance, financial aid, enrollment processes; First impression of roommate and suitemates; Classes; Chrouser Fitness Center; Fashions; Music on campus; Over-crowding of girls at Fischer
Item 8117: Dr. Donald Lake interview (interviewed by Jon Peterson)Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical information; Religion; Salvation; Backslid; Call to preaching; Pastored a church and commuted to Wheaton; Traveled on Wheaton gospel team; Struggled with decisions in high school; Coach vs. preacher; Preached in Iowa for six years; Joined Wheaton faculty; Pastored in many churches; First impression of Wheaton as a student; Roommates; General Christian attitudes among students; Close friends; Most memorable times; Great, impressive teachers; High school athletics; His encouraging coach; Football; Wheaton basketball; Important people from college life; Chapel services by Dr. Edman; Favorite people; CSC ministries; Classes with other students; Class of ’59; Greatest lesson learned at college; Narrow perspective broadened; Christian world view; Wheaton as an unusual school; Freedom to think; Higher level of maturity on campus; Life as a professor; Area of Chicago
Item 8118: Cheryl Hollatz interview (interviewed by Johnathan Searle), 1981-1982Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE FRESHMAN -- Biographical information; Reasons for attending Wheaton; Feelings about having a father as a Professor at Wheaton; Chapel; Volleyball; Dorm life; Cliques in the freshman class; Teachers and classes in college vs. high school; Wh
Item 8119a: Waldbeseron Elmore interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 8119b: Elmore Waldbeser interview (interviewed by Scott Waldbeser), 1941-1947Add to your cart.
USAAF‑WWII – Depression years in Morton, IL; Pre-war occupation at Boeing Aircraft; Basic training – overseas service; Post war 1946: Return to America; Desire to enlist; Bootcamp in Texas; African replacement depot, 9th Air Force – 1st Tactical Unit; Frontline experience in Italy and Germany; Aircraft-ammunitions maintenance; engagements with enemy aircraft; Wreck-C-47 aircraft (!946) – Hospitalization; Service in Naples; Post war destruction; Personal reaction to WWII; Casualties on the frontline; Medical problems; Psychological emotions toward fighting; Duty as staff sergeant; Recreational life; Aid to European peasants; Foreign reactions; Personal perspective: American involvement in future wars; Feelings toward participation
Item 8120: Elaine Fischer interview (interviewed by Greg Schrock), 1892-1981Add to your cart.
JONATHAN BLANCHARD PRIOR TO WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical information; Origins of the middle names of the Blanchard’s children; Original Blanchard home’s description; Jonathan Blanchard’s young life and marriage; Years as president of Knox’s College; Involvement in abolition; Blanchard – Clay debate over slavery; More of Blanchard’s years at Knox; Blanchard’s conversion; Reason for leaving Knox; Blanchard’s reasons for choosing the city of Wheaton and founding the college; Arrival at Wheaton; Blanchard family trivia
Item 8121a: Don Leckme interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 8121b: Mrs. Don Lemcke interview (interviewed by Bianca Riley), 1951Add to your cart.
Item 8122: Don Cooper interview (interviewed by Gretchen Schultz), 1962-1981Add to your cart.
Item 8126a: Mrs. Graf interview (interviewed by Michele Hanneman), 1981Add to your cart.
TEACHING – River Forest High School; Teaching history, parochial and public; Public school descriptions; Racial problems; Bussing problems; Hot lunch program; Education Advances; Student teacher; Gifted children; Parochial schooling; Role of religion in school; Religion in public schools; Sex education; Children from broken homes
Item 8126b: Michelle Hannemann interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 8127: Karen Beachy interview (interviewed by Karen Boyd), 1981Add to your cart.
21‑YR OLD FRESHMAN – Highlights and history of life before college; Reason for coming to Wheaton; How it feels to be a 21 year-old freshman; Personal response to being a 21 year-old freshman at Wheaton; Traveling after high school has helped for college; Factors on campus that have affected personal life; How a Christian education will affect life after graduation; Opinion of SAGA food; Reaction to clothing trends in Wheaton; Dorms, roommates, suitemates; Extra-curricular activities; The play “Inherit the Wind”; Nystrom Arena Theater; Opinion of drama program; Students’ response to the arts; A typical day; Courses; Sib group; Job at SAGA; Ministering behind SAGA counter; Finance for education; How money has been spent; College social life and friends; Church; Popular churches; Requirements at Wheaton; Chapel; Prayer groups; Fischer dorm parties; Hobbies
Item 8128: Kai Togomai interview (interviewed by Karen Togomai)Add to your cart.
Item 8129: Jeff Mazanec interview (interviewed by Mark Oestreicher), 1860-1981Add to your cart.
CHRISTIAN IN RUSSIA – Story of Ancestors’ Emigration to America: Great-Great Grandfather moves from Czechoslovakia To Russia; Trip into town for supplies, wins money gambling, is mugged by the losers, is rescued by a beggar who gives him a Bible, Conversion of Family; Christian Leadership of Family in community; Immigration to the US; Ellis Island; Establishment in the Tennessee; Grandmother learns Mazanec family immigration story; Great-Great Grandfather organizes building of a community church; Grandparents move to Chicago; Christianity and Christian leadership of the Mazanec family; Jeff’s future plans to pass the story on
Item 8201a: Linda Smith interview (interviewed by Laurie Snyder), 1962-1978Add to your cart.
PART ONE; M.K. VIETNAM – Biographical information; Why in Vietnam; Atmosphere of cities & villages; Family’s attitude; Contact with Vietnamese soldiers; Contact with American G.I.’s; G.I.’s relationship with the Vietnamese; G.I.’s feelings about being in Vietnam; Effect of the war on her family; Family’s experiences with actual war; Casual incidents & experiences from growing up in Vietnam; Younger brother Jonathan and his death; Response to Jonathan’s death; Response of the G.I. who killed Jonathan; Economic conditions in Vietnam; Vietnamese opinion of the army; Role of women in Vietname; Role of men in Vietnam; Her education; Religion of the people; Effect of religious beliefs on moral standards; Relationships with the Vietnamese people; Memories of the sounds in Vietnam and the music; Vietnamese food
Item 8201b: Linda Smith interview (interviewed by Laurie Snyder), 1962-1978Add to your cart.
PART TWO; M.K. VIETNAM – Vietnamese food; Language learned; Aminals; Climate; Architecture; Churches; Cardboard box houses; Sculpture or art work in architecture; French Influence; Holidays; Chinese New Year; Funerals; Temples; Closing of Vietnam; Renaming of Saigon; Ho Chi Min trail
Item 8202: Ruth Bamford interview (interviewed by Kim Feather-Stone), 1970-1983Add to your cart.
FISCHER DORM – biographical information; Role at Wheaton; Fischer dorm history; Reaction to Fischer freshman; First mixing of men and women; Rules for Fischer; RA’s and RD’s in Fischer; Classes through the years; Fischer compared to other dorms; Socializing between dorms; Freshmen in upperclass dorms; Future of dorm program
Item 8203: Dr. Paul Jordan interview, 1929-1982Add to your cart.
LIFE – Early childhood – the Depression; Parents; Educational status of parents; Paul, only college graduate in family; Mother died; Married after graduation from Michigan 1955; Enlisted in Navy – consciences observer; Discharge in Chicago; Saw no action nor medical experience; Just over 19 when discharged; Applied to3 med schools; Accepted to Northwestern Sept 1951; 1955 got MD, started internship; 1956-58 Family practice; Family; Jan 1963 began practice in Wheaton; Travel as a family; Short term missions with Christian Med. Society; Compares family structure; Close relationship with kids; Christian Medical Society; Policy for his kids in college; Spiritual life and closeness of family; Becoming a Christian as a child; Mother’s death; Realized mother’s faith exceeded his own; Moody Church – committed life to serve God; Christian Doctor greatest calling; Differences/Similarities in children; His callings, medicine and raising children
Item 8206: Ray Knighton interview (interviewed by Kim Ballard), 1922-1981Add to your cart.
MAP International (Medical Assistance Programs); raised on South Side of Chicago with poor family; desired to be a musician; volunteered for WWII in infantry; 75% of those he trained with were killed in Guadalcanal due to large feet which kept him out of
Item 8207: Dr. Elizabeth Hillstrom interview (interviewed by Diane Hillstrom), 1941-1958Add to your cart.
LIFE ON FARM – Family; Family reunions; Crops supported by the farm; Techniques for farming; Milking cows; Problems with livestock; Stepfather’s experiences with new car; Food preparation, home grown crops; Meat – hunting and livestock, preparation; Uses of lard; Preparation of dairy products; Other foods: bread, pies and honey; Finding time to do things other than farming; Typical night after school; How homework got done; Recreation; Radio; School activities; How the house was heated; How they did laundry; Sewing; Baths; Drinking water; Water collection; Outhouses; Effects of childhood experiences on her life
Item 8208: Dietrich Heyer interview (interviewed by Brian Stamm), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
GROWING UP IN AFRICA – Life in Sierra Leone and Liberia; Family; Parents’ jobs as missionaries; Lived in a small town; Housing and water; Climate; Drinking water; Hospital; Food; Acceptance by people; School; Driving conditions; Other transportation; Access to countries – Government, customs; Fruits; Pets; Wild animals; Fishing; Knowledge gained; Present situation and future plans
Item 8209: Jan Hoeskstra interview (interviewed by Kathy Ferrel), 1954-1982Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Calvin College 1954; Married 1955; Part time at Wheaton 1975; Being mother and student; Israel project 1975; Career goals – Archaeology major; Traveling; Campus life; Chapel; President Armerding and President Chase; Controversy of 1978: Faculty and administration control over the Record, closing of co-ed halls; Feelings on faculty; Student advisor – Al Hurtz; Changes in Wheaton since 1978
Item 8301: Harry Aqabedis interview (interviewed by Daughter?), 1956-1959Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical information; Former education; Why Wheaton; Entrance into Wheaton; Freshman orientation; Dorm Life; Spiritual Life; Girls’ Dorm; Cafeteria; Chapel; College Church; Personal Church; Death of Nate Saint; Professors; Alumni who teach at Wheaton; CSC; Honeyrock; Other activities; Athletics, school spirit; Dating; Meeting wife; Engagement rituals; Senior bench, senior sneak; Earning money: Chicago post office, job placement bureau; Wheaton's influence after graduation;  Post-graduate activities, continued college involvement; Present quality of students; Wheaton’s future; Wheaton’s effect on the World
Item 8302: Walter Danylak interview (interviewed by Barry Danylak), 1930-1949Add to your cart.
UKRAINIAN IMMIGRATION – Biographical information; Reasons for parents immigration to Canada; Polish domination of Ukraine homeland; Maternal grandparents; Mother’s immigration; Father’s immigration; Ukrainian people always dominated by others; Little schooling; Find opportunity elsewhere – Canada; Parents’ job in Canada; Courtship among Ukrainian immigrants; Parents settle in Medicine Hat, Alberta; Their early home; Immigrants from various countries together in Medicine Hat; Means of income; Early childhood memories; Being a foreigner in the school system; Childhood friends from other countries; Importance of children’s education; Prejudice; Relationship to parents; Families small due to depression; Church; Canadian identity – assimilation; Leisure; Not much unique Ukrainian culture;  Connections to family in Old Country; Reasons Ukraine people unable to be own nation
Item 8303: Pam Moorman interview (interviewed by Barbara Dawson), 1980-1984Add to your cart.
WHEATON VS. DUKE – Biographical Information; Attending Duke: Scholarships, Family influence, Freshman Year; Reasons for transfer to Wheaton; Working at Lost Valley Ranch; Dating Influence on Transferring; Parents’ influence; Personal decision – pros and cons of Wheaton; Christian life at Duke vs. Wheaton; Initial experiences at Wheaton: Academic, Spiritual, & Social disappointments; Consideration of returning to Duke or transferring again; Attitude changes Junior Year; Breaking Engagement; Senior Year; Christian Ministry in athletics; Attitudes toward Wheaton; Fear and family pressure concerning future; Spiritual Goals for Senior Year; Plans and Prep for future; Desire to remain in Wheaton community; Athletic coaching ministry; Interest in medicine; Fulfillment in the future; Regretting Exercise Physiology major; Possibility of Grad School; Future in teaching and coaching
Item 8304: Kathy Smith interview (interviewed by Heather Hughes), 1969-1983Add to your cart.
M.K. IN VIETNAM – Biographical information; learning Vietnamese; Childhood in Vietnam; Going away to school; Loving but disciplinary parents; Relations to siblings; Leaving Vietnam; International awareness; Parents’ call to Senegal; Adjusting to different culture; Involvement in missions; Future work with foreign people; God’s will for future; Not overly sheltered; Culture shock; Relating to guys as friends; Dating in America; Interracial dating; God’s will in relationships; People and studies at Wheaton; CSC ministries; Honduras project; Parents’  jobs in Vietnam, Senegal; Misses family; Muslim countries in Africa; Lack of converts in Senegal
Item 8305: Martha Little interview (interviewed by Deborah Little), 1979-1983Add to your cart.
INNER‑CITY TEACHING – Biographical information; College preparations; Wheaton; Most significant time in college; Activities in college; Significant memories of Christian Service Council; Personal significant memories; Reasons for Elementary Education major; Acquiring first job; Things learned while teaching inner city kids; Examples of Frustrations and Children; Change from 6th to 3rd grade; Negative aspects of teaching; Experiences with other cultures; Free time/ hobbies; Feelings about home; Feelings about the status of blacks; Observations of Culture; What can be done to defeat racism; Things she would change about self; Goals in life; Inspirations to teach in inner city; Three wishes in life; How she resolved racial tension in own life; Church back home, reasons for attending a black church now; Friends from church
Item 8306: Dr. Stephen Bell interview (interviewed by Miriam Schmidt)Add to your cart.
SCOTLAND – Mother’s life on the farm; American vs. Scottish farming; England and Scotland: United Kingdom government; Scottish and Irish brotherhood; Irish Rebellion 1745-50; French and Scottish alliance before Reformation; Economy of Scotland; Margaret Thatcher; Socialism in Scotland; Lady Diana; Princess Margaret; Queen Elizabeth; Childhood during WWII; Attack on Glasgow; Father’s job during and after war; Rationing; Scottish countryside; Scottish Christmas celebrations; Occupation at Wheaton; Research interests; Chemical industry in Scotland; School system of Scotland; Elitist; More specialized; Different grades; Major college entrance exams at 16; Competitive and pressurized; Less vacation time; University of St. Andrew; Alcoholism in Scotland; Language difference; American TV shows in Scotland; “Dallas”; British television; Reception problems; Thrifty Scots; Food of Scotland; Meet markets and shipping industry
Item 8307: Cindy Shaffer interview (interviewed by Rebecca Kliewer), 1970-1983Add to your cart.
GROWING UP IN EUROPE, WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical information; Schools in Europe vs. America; Growing up on a NATO base; Political and economic change in Europe; Housing in Belgium; Attitudes towards Americans; Greetings in Europe; Social life at Wheaton vs. Europe; Effects of life overseas on Christianity; European Media; Treatment of military kids; Laws on Drugs, Pornography, and Alcohol; America’s understanding of Europe; Wheaton College; Religion in Europe; Views on social responsibility; Strength of American military in Europe; Is Europe enjoyable?
Item 8308: Becky Kliewer interview (interviewed by Laura Morgan), 1968-1978Add to your cart.
GROWING UP—IRAN – Biographical information; Iran; housing; friends; Iranian Society; Culture/traditions; New Year; Ramadan; Political Affairs; Hostage crisis; Unstable Iran; Curfew; Buddy system; Riots; Chanting, bonfires; Shaw of Iran; Conflict between Shaw andAyatollah Khomeini; Khomeni; Brainwashing children; Executions; Religion now; No music or freedom of sleep; Leave for Egypt; 2 weeks in Egypt then to Germany; Reaction to leaving Iran; Iran’s unique culture – language, writings; Threats on life; Yearbook; US reaction to Iranians; Carter on Hostages; Iranians in US; Feelings on life in Iran; Happy childhood; Beautiful country; Loving people
Item 8309: Peter Hansen interview (interviewed by David Garner), 1962-1983Add to your cart.
WHEATON; PSYCHOLOGY – Biographical information; becoming a Christian; How Wheaton changed him; Reasons for leaving Wheaton for a University; Reasons for coming to Wheaton; Spiritual crisis; Secular Psychology class; Reasons for returning to Wheaton; Men’s Glee Club; Being an RA; What he learned from being an RA; Career plans; Residence after school; Spiritual goals; Interaction of his faith and psychology; Work preferences; Advantages of Psychology when an RA
Item 8311: Tony Trollep interview (interviewed by Doug Sweeney), 1961-1983Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE CHAPLAINS – Background; Adolescence; Further education; Family relations; Armerding’s style; Patterson’s personality; Complimentary styles; Chapel pranks; 5 wild geese; Spiritual similarities; Practical Christianity; Age similarities; Chase and Gordon; Chaplain Vic; President Chase; Vic less humorous; Comparison between Chase and Armerding; Age and style compared; Chase and Gordon’s relationship; Chase’s attitude toward Chapel; The Chaplains’ view toward their jobs and roles; Similarities between the two pairs; Differences between the two pairs; Chase’s policy toward change; Dr. Armerding’s most prominent changes; Dr. Armerding’s attitude toward the future; Differences; Difference in the President’s styles and the Chaplain’s styles; Styles affect on students; Trollep’s personal experiences, background; Why come to Wheaton; How his background could have influenced his preferences
Item 8312: Henry Wakefield interview (interviewed by Kathy Mccalla), 1912-1983Add to your cart.
HIS LIFE – Birthplace; Family life; Holidays; Close family ties; Hometown; Candy; Food packaging; Special treats; Interesting school experiences; Entertainment; Church; Work; Father’s work; Typical day; Neighborhood; Dating; Freshman in college; 1929 during Depression; Philosophy of life; High prices; Transportation (Taxi, Air Plane, Cars); Vacations; Old people; Grandparents; Stories passed down
Item 8313: Joe N/A interview (interviewed by John Mckenzie), 1983Add to your cart.
LIFE IN NIGERIA – Biographical information; Parents died by age 7; Childhood experiences, no close friends; Worked at SAGA, food very different; Nigeria has similar housing; Improvements in Nigerian literacy; Differing systems of education; Religion in Nigeria; Church services; Nigerian politics; Coup, military rule; Civilian government, 1979 general elections; Nigeria is a heterogeneous people; New constitution, similar to US; Jobs abroad, teacher; Majored in speech at Wheaton; Misses people-orientated people; Frustration with Americans; Made right choice to come to US; Need to rely on God; Navigators, Prayer meetings; Oil and agriculture at home; Biggest culture shock - Wheaton Christians
Item 8314: Sharmila Banerjee interview (interviewed by Beth Miller), 1980-1983Add to your cart.
FAMILY/INDIA – Personal family; Indian marriage system; Mother’s role; Relatives; Reasons for choosing Wheaton College; Indian friends; Indian vs. American education; Languages used in India; Indian education; Impressions of US vs. India; Speed at which things happen; American lack of culture; Mechanization of household tasks; Freshness of food; Waste of food; Hunger and poor; Clothing; Holidays; Things backward in America; Transportation; Cows in road; Personal view of India
Item 8315: Harvey Chrouser interview (interviewed by Donna J. Strodel), 1948-1983Add to your cart.
HONEY ROCK – Biographical information; Underlying philosophy of Honey Rock; Internship experience and leadership school; Spiritual growth through isolation; Types of campers; Engineer’s program; Sources for counselors; Spiritual Growth; Inner-city kids (scholarships); Extended trips; High school Vanguard; Vanguard for incoming Freshmen (High Road); Vanguard improves self-concept; 3-day solo; Service projects; Changes through the years in Honey Rock; Future Ideas – center for advanced studies; Out of camp tripping programs; Bud Williams lays out trails; Hard times; Coach Chrouser gets sick; Peter Snyder, German, visits in search of alternative for Nazi program for youth, Bad storms
Item 8317: Daniel M. Wisely interview (interviewed by Cindy Wheaton), 1965-1983Add to your cart.
PHILIPPINES/MALAYSIA – Biographical information; First time in US; Boarding school in Thailand; Friendships; Entertainment in school; Sports; Native kids’ schooling; International status of Philippines; Government influence on people; Social life of Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines; Family life; US industrial influence – oil; Cultural background influence on life now; Initial impressions from parents on US; Religion in Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand; Being a Christian and becoming one there; Witnessing; How parents got involved – CMA; Parents’ work; Family’s plans; How he found out about Wheaton; Desire to be a missionary; Major; Curriculum at school in Malaysia; American styles; Kids’ desires at school in Malaysia
Item 8319: Sonja Kemp interview (interviewed by Laurie Shute), 1964-1983Add to your cart.
BIOGRAPHICAL – Personal Background; Background of her Father; Feelings as Minister’s Child; Difference in school life; Relations with friends and peers; Handling Pressure at School and Church; Had to be an example for others; Realized scrutiny once in high school; Stopped rebelling; Not much pressure in college; Rebellion of Pastors’ Kids; Love and respect for parents
Item 8320: Ruby Norville interview (interviewed by Peter Norrille)Add to your cart.
Item 8321: Doug Waite interview (interviewed by Doug Wall), 1980-1983Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical information; Choosing Wheaton; Freshman year; Professors; the Pledge; Dating; Free Time; Special events; Finals weeks; Spiritual life; Studies; Family; Friendships/People; Sophomore year; “Sophomore slump,” discouragement; Attitude toward freshmen; Campus Involvement; Junior Year; Growth and discipline; Apartment life; Academics; College Union; MCAT; Senior Year; Life as RA; Reasons for being an RA; Regrets about College; Fondest memories
Item 8322: Steve Kilmer interview (interviewed by Brian Wildman), 1973-1983Add to your cart.
RESIDENT DIRECTOR – Biographical information; Colleges attended; Decision to attend Wheaton; Jobs; Becoming an RD; Adjustment was difficult; Relationships with Sam Shellhammer and Henry Nelson; Contact with Students; Involvement with RAs; Typical day of RD; building relationships;  Involvement in Honduras Project; Mediator between students and maintenance; Rewards; Traber RD transition; Advice to future RDs; Fishbowl existence
Item 8323: Leanne Hull interview (interviewed by Jeff Sonne), 1970-1981Add to your cart.
ZAIRE, AFRICA – Geography of Zaire; Political situation; Extend of civil unrest and superpower influence in Zaire; Life of a soldier and abuses of the military; Bribery as a widespread problem and examples in the government; People lost the will to fight the government; Transportation; Lack of food distribution; Economic system of Zaire; Dietary habits of the people; Industry and trade; Education in Zaire: lacking materials; University of Zaire: personal language barrier; Clash between university and president; Education of women; Religion: Christianity vs. Witchcraft and demons; Role of Catholic church, corruption of Protestant; Personal family missionary experience; Medical care and hospitals (essentially non-existent); Obstacles in reaching the people; Account of arrest; Lack of organization; Personal feelings of the mission in Zaire
Item 8324: Dr. Vida Chenoweth interview (interviewed by Katherine (Or Catherine Foster) Fawcett), 1930-1983Add to your cart.
MISSIONARY‑NEW GUINEA – Childhood; Boarding school; Northwestern University; Concert stage, World-wide travel; Conversion; Left concert stage for Asbury Seminary; Linguistic school, idea of ethnomusicology; Work with Quechuan and Cheyenne Indians; Notated a Quechuan hymnal; Called to Papua New Guinea; Began work with Usarufa tribe; Learning the language; Translated reading material; Present state of church in Papua New Guinea; Completion of Bible translation; Population of the Usarufa tribe; Usarufa lifestyle; Western influence on the Usarufas; Culture shock upon return to US; Christianity in the US compared to Usarufa Christianity; Scriptural stumbling blocks to the Usarufas; Usarufa applications of scriptures; Personal lessons from experience; Usarufa qualities and attitudes; Prayer need for missionaries; Advice to the mission-bound; US Christian world view
Item 8325: Linda Okerstrom interview (interviewed by Todd Bowers), 1969-1983Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE, L’ABRI – Intro; Practical jokes at Wheaton; Wheaton Grad School; Wheaton Experiences; Experience at and reason for going to L’Abri; Inner-city tutoring work in Boston; Hearing Francis Schaeffer speak and her interest in him; Studentships to L’Abri; Her search for God; Inner-city ministry; Purpose of L’Abri; Dinner in Schaeffer’s chalet and meeting him; Study and community work at L’Abri; Evolution; Taught in Germany; First trip to Europe; Decision to change her life; Quit teaching to go to Wheaton; Knew the Armerdings; Urbana; Vision for missions; Trip around world; Stuck in Bangkok; Tel Aviv; Week in Jerusalem; Back to L’Abri; Work at Creation Press – Knew Maria von Trapp; Taught at Daystar; People she met; Sister’s ministries; Contact with Dr. Kilby; Narnia Club; Neat experiences – common bond between Christians; Work in non-Christian environment; God’s work through her
Item 8326: Margaret Grow interview (interviewed by Kenneth Anderson), 1934-1983Add to your cart.
LIFE STORY – Biographical information; Active at Barrington College; Family life; Brother paralyzed at 15; Parents – admirable characteristics; Influential people; Memories of the Depression; Happiest period of her life (1950s); Missions Career; Thoughts on the Women’s Liberation Movement; Memories of WWII; Kennedy assassination; Historical events and memories of her childhood in Medford, MA; Wheaton College
Item 8328: Edward Coray interview (interviewed by Randy Barnhisel), 1919-1983Add to your cart.
ATHLETICS – Biographical information; Student years at Wheaton; President Blanchard; Athletics; Turning points at the College (The presidents); The Fischers; Academics at Wheaton 1919-1923; Average Day at Wheaton 1919-1923; Dr. Straw; Ed Coray’s further education; Career before returning to Wheaton; PE at Wheaton; His Wife; Dating; Housing; Outstanding Wheaton Athletes; Alumni Association; Chaplain Welles; Red Grange (University of Illinois Football); Chaplain Pat; Dr. Armerding years; Time today; Billy Graham; Athletics and Well-known Wheaties; Faculty relationships; Honors/Awards; Books written – Memoirs; Dr. Buswell; Dr. Edman’s death; 1960s; Traditions (Senior bench, Fruitcake burial); Beginnings of sports at Wheaton
Item 8329: Don Church interview (interviewed by Todd Moxley), 1953-1957Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – New buildings on campus: MSC, dining hall; Living accommodations; Jobs during school; Upperclassman housing; Use of free time clubs, sports intramurals; Class attendance policy; Dating; Typical Students: Middle class, intelligent, hardworking, not as many went to graduate school; Dr. Edman: very prominent figure on campus; Getting accepted to college; Dr. Leedy – Biologist, botanist; College parties; Honey Rock camp; Bad ulcer; Soccer team; No intercollegiate women’s teams; Good basketball team; Cooperation between educational departments; Billy Graham’s beginning as a preacher; Bible requirements; Strong programs: pre-med, chemistry, sociology, economics; No foreign ministries, only archaeological trips; The way college changes attitudes toward life; Importance of working with people who influence you in right direction; Young life group helped him spiritually; More students attended church then; Friday night dress up night at dining hall; Negative aspects of college: Got tired of chapel, lots of hard work; Drive away cars to California – Christmas break, spring break
Item 8330: Paul Fisher interview (interviewed by Carmel Hazen), 1964-1983Add to your cart.
MISSIONARY LIFE – Biographical information; Countries visited; Parents’ employment; Parents’ mission work; Moved to US; Preference to live; Future plans; Experiences in countries – poverty; Advantages and disadvantages to missionary travel; Group of missionaries worked together; Difference between kids in public schools and missionary kids; Salary for missionary; God center of life; Travels influence on faith; Parents’ meeting and early marriage; Needs in countries and how to help; Career goals and interests; Computers and world help; Computers and needy countries; Why countries so poor and needy; Gospel and computers
Item 8331: Paul Beavers interview (interviewed by Emmett Mcglohn), 1983Add to your cart.
MISSIONARY LIFE – Biographical information; Countries visited; Parents’ employment; Parents’ mission work; Moved to US; Preference to live; Future plans; Experiences in countries – poverty; Advantages and disadvantages to missionary travel; Group of missionaries worked together; Difference between kids in public schools and missionary kids; Salary for missionary; God center of life; Travels influence on faith; Parents’ meeting and early marriage; Needs in countries and how to help; Career goals and interests; Computers and world help; Computers and needy countries; Why countries so poor and needy; Gospel and computers
Item 8332: Colleen Dansma interview (interviewed by Mike Ewing), 1980Add to your cart.
TRIP TO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – High school background; Reasons for going on trip; Dominican Republic; Problems between Dominican Republic and Haiti; Colleens involvement in trip; High school fundraisers; Preparations for trip; Team members; Training of team; Financial support; Facilities in Dominican republic; Climate, Physical description; Work site; Idea behind Adopt-A-Village; Village clinic; Frustrations at clinic; Supplies; Dealing with Language barrier; Population of village; Social class system; Village people; Villagers’ feelings for team; The village since the trip; Feelings about America; Religion in the Dominican Republic; Evangelism during trip; An example of evangelism; Response to Gospel; Culture, lifestyle of Village; Team’s role; Culture shock; Arrival; Getting through customs at airport; Bus ride; Adjustments; Food on the trip; Electricity shut-off; Water problems; Water shut-off; Morning devotions; Evening chapel; “Secret Pals”; Sunday trips; Overnight visits with Dominican Students; Festival; Lack of American influence in village; Government in Dominican Republic; Agriculture; Needs of the villagers; Meeting needs; Feelings about the trip
Item 8337: Steve Johnson interview (interviewed by Jon Burnham), 1983Add to your cart.
STUDENT GOVERNMENT AND WHEATON – Biographical information; Reasons for coming to Wheaton; How and why he got involved in Student Government; Future plans after Wheaton; Wheaton’s preparation for future; S.G.’s effect on time management; Sheltered life at Wheaton; Being "role model" effects on future; Wheaton's effect on his Christian life; Key events in college career; Orientation; Reagan Campaign; Becoming S.G. president; Words of wisdom to incoming students; Changes he would make in college career; What he would be like at a secular school; Wheaton’s effect on desire to go into ministry; Christian surroundings’ effect on ability to minister; Wheaton – positive experience
Item 8338: Fred and Enid Petters interview (interviewed by Jill Kroese), 1929-1939Add to your cart.
DEPRESSION – ENID: Biographical information; Difficulty getting work; Female household; Family life; Feelings during Depression; How values of savings and thriftiness were affected by Depression; US morale; if the Depression happened now…; FRED: Biographical information; Memorable events (dating, transportation); Family life – Mother’s illness and death, finances, he and his father; Chicago’s politics – Favoritism, Roosevelt; Being poor; Friends; Values of finances; Advice on finances, business, education
Item 8340: Marjorie Danylak interview (interviewed by Clyde Bomgardner), 1960-1983Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE -- Biographical information; Reasons for attending Wheaton; Courses she took (Bible with Armerding); Faculty; Dr. Edman; Atmosphere on campus in 1960; Comparison of campus 1960 vs. 1980s; Ministries available in 1960
Item 8341: Alden Nickerson interview (interviewed by Tom Peterson), 1930-1945Add to your cart.
DEPRESSION, WWII – Biographical information; Childhood activities; Alden’s Father; The Great Depression; The old Wheaton community; The electric line; Red Grange; FDR; Pearl Harbor; Alden’s brother and the war; Anti-Japanese feelings; The Draft; End of the War; Societal Contrasts (30’s vs. 80’s)
Item 8342: Alyce Christofesson interview (interviewed by Prisc Christofesson), 1935-1945Add to your cart.
ONE ROOM SCHOOL HOUSE – Grades and students’ ages; Relationships; Subjects studied; Textbooks; High school entrance exams; Teacher’s proficiency; Teachers; School supplies; Lunch; School temperatures and illness; Teachers and favoritism; Recess and games; Arrangement of school house and desks; Homework; Academic discipline; Relations between students of different ages; Later-life relating to people of different ages; Religion in school and where students were from; The US economy during 1935-45; Transition to High School; Feelings of being in high school; Inter-class rivalry; High school sports and physical education; The arts – music; Preparation of one-room school house for later life
Item 8343: Barb David interview (interviewed by Laura Munt), 1981-1982Add to your cart.
JUNIOR COLLEGE – Reasons for choosing EEC (Elgin Community College); Life at ECC; Rules; Benefits of a community college; Friendships; Hang-outs; Classes; Drama dept.; Sports; Christian at ECC; Adjustment to college; Goals; Required courses; Work load; Academic atmosphere; Extra-curricular activities; Likes and dislikes of ECC; Fashion; Classrooms; Reflections of ECC; Requirements for admission
Item 8344: Ben Dowling interview (interviewed by Beau Goosie), 1963-1983Add to your cart.
MONTREAT VS. WHEATON – Biographical information; High school; Montreat Anderson College; Transfer to Wheaton; Summer experiences; Family life; Father as Pastor; Wheaton; Classes at Wheaton; Social life (Montreat vs. Wheaton); Future plans; Christian ministry; Summer in Newark, NJ; Dr. Bill Iverson; Summer in Kenya; Heli-Mission; Amsterdam 1983
Item 8345a: Bill Bullard interview (interviewed by Dave Libby), 1949-1983Add to your cart.
Call to Ministry, 1949; Navigators and college; National prayer Breakfast; Eisenhower wanted fellowships with other Christians – the Presidential Prayer Breakfast was created; He got involved; National prayer breakfast of present; Changes; Small Bible studies; Met Presidents; Businessmen Bible studies; Influence on politics; Personal experience with one man from the Bible studies; Method of the Bible studies; Funds; Personal experience with Marvin Bowers; Refugee pastor Mun Ne, work with Angolan refugees; Microfinche used for missions; Goal to not loose contact with Hands of the Father
Item 8345b: Dave Libby interview (interviewed by Bill Bullard), 1949-1983Add to your cart.
Spiritual Background; Entering the ministry; History of National Prayer Breakfast; Brady moves to Washington, DC; President becomes involved; Libby becomes involved; NPB goes international; Changes in National Prayer Breakfast; Women are included; Change in leadership; Testimony; Atmosphere of breakfasts; Relationship with different Presidents; Other prayer groups; Detroit group gets new location; Libby becomes teacher; Lesson taught at one breakfast; Bill Kuneth; Involvement with man released from prison; Financial needs; Other people in the ministry; Marvin Bowers – Missionary in Africa; Friendship; Story about film projectory Marvin Bowers talks; Goals
Item 8346: Charles Hessi interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 8347: Cindy Melton interview (interviewed by Angie Linton), 1982Add to your cart.
WHEATON IN ISRAEL -- Wheaton in Israel; Program Itinerary; Preparation for Trip; Description of Cities; Jerusalem; Landmarks; People and Culture; Food; Favorite Places to Visit; Noted Culture Differences; Political Situation; Politics in Lebanon; Influence on career decisions
Item 8348: Eleanor Nagy interview (interviewed by Kirsten Johnson), 1939-1945Add to your cart.
GROWING UP/EUROPE, WWII -- Nagy Family escape from Hungary to Germany; Communists, Nazis; Transition from Germany to America; Effect of this transition on those involved
Item 8349: Fred Borrink interview (interviewed by Debbie Rathjen), 1920-1940Add to your cart.
DEPRESSION, WWII – Biographical education; General situation in Grand Rapids area; How family made it through depression; Importance of family unit; Religion; Communication through newspapers and radio; Morale – crime; Personal situation when WWII began; Work at General Motors; Jobs – women in the work force; Personal life – job, family, housing; Works Progress Administration; General Motors; Patriotism; Fireside Chats; End of WWII; Entertainment (theater, dance); Cars; Attitude towards immigrants; Early married life; Advice
Item 8350: Gaylyn Ginn interview (interviewed by Grace Tan), 1983-1983Add to your cart.
Trip to Grand Canyon with Steve Anderson for camping with Pathfinders in a trip over Spring Break
Item 8351: Father Halet interview (interviewed by Greg Clark), 1960-1983Add to your cart.
LIFE IN ANGLICAN CHURCH – Church life and Childhood; Reassessment of faith; Staff at Summer Camp 1960; Re-experience of the Church; Graduate work; Jobs; Personal searching; Church in the 1960s; Anglican stand on civil rights; Reasons for Renewal; Church today; Church provides stability; Changes in the church; Church members; Church worship structure; Formality; Revision; New Bible (non-sexist); Personality of Congregation
Item 8352: Harry Panjwani interview (interviewed by Andrea Panjwani), 1932-1950Add to your cart.
INDIA, WWII – Early years – childhood, schooling, Indus Valley area; Culture & way of life – easy-going, secure time; Contact with Muslims; Causes of the way, Divisions in India; Could the war have been prevented?; Post-war India – change of lifestyle, family fled from the Indus Valley; After the move, people had fewer opportunities; Influence of Gandhi – peaceful manner was effective, created new political “party”; Present condition – conditions of old India remain, no great change in culture; War affected life in international way – many students went abroad; Religion – tightly connected with politics; Community life – people would find a common bond even if there were few similarities
Box 3Add to your cart.
Item 8353: Ida Ethel Butterworth interview (interviewed by Krissy Kuhns), 1890-1983Add to your cart.
HER LIFE – Childhood in Minneapolis; First car seen from home window; Job description of people in that time; Background information of Hugenots; Railroad is the main transportation; Economic status of railroad workers; Talks about her children; Religion – Good works = salvation; Gideons were dedicated to spread of Bibles.  Husband saved under Gideons; Women & Work; Living expenses; Politics; Women’s rights; Washing methods; Her appearance; Entertainment; 1918 Flu Epidemic; Army and World War
Item 8354: Karla Christiansen interview (interviewed by Tria Bugy), 1980-1983Add to your cart.
MISSIONARY‑COLUMBIA; WHEATON COLLEGE – Training camp for mission project; Preparations for trip; Work experience in Colombia; Native Colombians and experiences of mission group with them; Health of Colombians; Cohesiveness of the team; The deaf ministry; Willingness to enter the mission field; Ability to fly airplanes; Leisure activities; Occupation of parents; Future career; Opinion on Wheaton education; Experiences at another school as a Christian; How that experience changed her; Last words to incoming students
Item 8355: Leslie and Bernice Hynn interview (interviewed by Linda Oswald), 1942-1983Add to your cart.
Item 8356: Phyllis Longwell interview (interviewed by Gretchen Longwell), 1929-1940Add to your cart.
DEPRESSION ERA – Biographical information; Depression in the community; Father’s search for other work; Survival through work programs; Occupations during the Depression; Help for surviving; Christmas; The community; the Church; A new home; Planting tomatoes; Education; Family life; Clothing; Health; FDR; Herbert Hoover; Radio communication; Finding a new home; Opportunities in the West; The military; Washington, DC
Item 8357: San Safferia interview (interviewed by Jane Palmer), 1920-1983Add to your cart.
LIFE – Biographical information; 1939 High school graduation; Extra-curricular activities, sports; Poverty in Minneapolis; Inducted into the navy, 1942; Pharmacist; Ships stationed on; Hospital during WWII; Soldiers suffering; Enjoyed job, no fear; Realized he was a “pantywaist”; Discharging patients; Change in job position; Jewish persecution; Problems with being Jewish; Prejudice against Jews in Minneapolis; Fighting necessary because of being Jewish; Lack of spiritual knowledge because of Judaism; Christian experience; US Christian nation; Persecution; MN now good place to live; MN agriculture, more scientific today; Culture maintained, proud of past; Tells descendents to be proud of Jewish heritage; Jewish despersal; Landed in Russia
Item 8358: Alden Nickerson interview (interviewed by Tom Peterson), 1930-1983Add to your cart.
WHEATON/WWII – Biographical information; Auroran-Elgin railroad; Effect of the Depression on Wheaton; Effect on his family; Characterization of Wheaton; Importance of and description of town; Awareness of events of WWII; Wheaton involved after Pearl Harbor; Wheaton’s feelings toward Japanese and Germans; Nationalistic attitude in Wheaton; War efforts (i.e. bonds); Wheaton feelings toward FDR; Wheaton town layout; Wheaton Central High School; Wheaton view of McCarthyism; Reaction to Red Scare; Wheaton has “head in sand” about world issues; Advent of TV; Differences of Wheaton’s school system vs. past; Racial geographical segregation in Wheaton; Social Segregation; Warrenville as lower class; Personal church background; Lifestyle in Wheaton; Entertainment in Wheaton; View of Wheaton College; Lowering Standards of Wheaton; Crime in Wheaton; Wheaton in the 60’s; Youth of Wheaton
Item 8359: Kathleen Donaldson interview (interviewed by Sandra Ruby), 1973-1977Add to your cart.
HOUGHTON COLLEGE – Biographical information; Houghton College years; Houghton College’s “Pledge”; Ministries and Extracurricular activities; Houghton community; Church; Presidents of Houghton 1973-77; Watergate; Use of Drugs; Everyday life; Chapel requirements; Major and studies; Christian growth and ministries; Student senate; Dating; Weekends; Friends from Houghton; Interesting experiences; Chances at Houghton since she graduation; Dress code
Item 8412: Karen Fortney interview (interviewed by Laura Brace), 1982Add to your cart.
HIGHROAD EXPERIENCE – First impressions and preconceptions; Arrival at camp; Things done before Highroad; First Day, night; Boiling water; Finding a pond on the old maps; Canoeing; Trip across the lake; All-night trip; Trip to Michigan and the dense forest; Found the destination and camped in the rain; Lazy persons; Left alone to find way; Meeting with a stranger; Meet more people; Continue the journey; Dark and lost; Rappelling; Journey to Lake Superior; Solo experience
Item 8414: Brian Wildman interview (interviewed by Dave Hardick), 1983Add to your cart.
HONDURAS PROJECT – Biographical information; Purpose of project; Various work projects; Transportation; Language differences; Contact with Honduran people; Acceptance of Hondurans; Living conditions – food; Water problems; Sickness; Cultural differences; Honduran family conditions; Non-work activities by project members; Involvement with Hondurans; Skepticism of project by young Honduran males; Christmas; Weather; Geographical location
Item 8415a: Cassandra O, 1984Add to your cart.
PREJUDICE AT WHEATON – Biographical information; ROTC; Response of other students; Future plans; Acceptance into Wheaton (discrimination against Catholicism); Prejudice at Wheaton; Decision to come to Wheaton; Discrimination of Professors; BRIDGE; Other Blacks on campus; Prejudicial behavior by students; Feelings about leaving home; Arrival at Wheaton; Making new relationships; Learning to adapt; Father’s experience of discrimination at college; Wheaton’s representative for multi-cultural students; she is glad she came to Wheaton
Item 8415b: Cassandra O'Neal interview (interviewed by Sandi Thomson)Add to your cart.
Item 8417: Kurt Keilhacker interview (interviewed by Paul Toft), 1984Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical information; College selection process; Disillusionment; Academic and spiritual pressures; Wheaton in 1984 vs. 74; Student body president; Servant-hood; Attitudes about mandatory Chapel; The Pledge; Gen. Eds.; Administrative response to student opinions; Wheaton’s Marketing Strategy; Student Salaries; President Chase; President Emeritus Armerding; Chaplain Vic; Cost at Wheaton: Tuition, Room & Board, Bookstore Prices, Parking Permits; Preparation for life
Item 8419: Peter Stenstrom interview (interviewed by Mark Bradbury), 1984Add to your cart.
MUSIC AND COMPOSING – Music as he grew up; John Denver and Simon and Garfunkel; His first records; His musical changes in the last year; Role of music in his life; “Genesis”; Lyrics; Purpose of music in our society; Music as entertainment; Music equals emotions; “New Wave”; Artist’s point of view; His lyrics; His need for innovation; Conversation in music; His music; For whom he writes; “Deception”; His comments on “Deception”; The artist’s message; Effect of rock music on our generation; His faith; Honest encounters; Role of music in the religious setting; His future
Item 8421: Dennis Englund interview (interviewed by Susan Butler), 1984Add to your cart.
LIFE – Biographical information; Cub Scouts; Mr. Larry; Ice skating; Football, basketball; Hobbies, collections; Clubs at school; Visiting a friend who had many different animals; Cub Scout outing; Cub Scout initiation “pink belly”; Football; Accident with friend; Schools attended; High school incident; wrestling incident and injury; Blackouts, headaches; Brain tumor discovered; Conflicts with the Catholic church; Horseback riding
Item 8422: Tracie Greathouse interview (interviewed by Pat Wiebe), 1983Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical information; Independence; Closeness to mom and sisters; Personal feelings on school; Friends, Wheaton and California; Social activities; Study life; Problems with studies; Devotions for class; Dorm; Roommate; Dating; Interracial dating in CA; Guys; SAGA; Spiritual growing; Reaching out to others; Campus revival; Obisco’s began revival; Major; Complacency or on fire for the Lord; Freshman class; Cliques; No car; Adjustments; Friends; Cold weather; Morgan Herron; People’s characters; Dance
Item 8423: Tim Cox interview (interviewed by Ken Gudz)Add to your cart.
HIGH SCHOOL – Parkwook High; School requirements; Favorite classes; Parkwood not demanding enough educationally; Athletics (basketball, baseball, football); Funds for athletics; Encouragement in athletics; Student government; Hall rules for students; Senior privileges; Size of school; Description of school building; National Honor Society; Friends; Pranks; Teachers; Music program; Religious involvement; Tornado experience; School years; Finals; Graduation; Why he chose Wheaton; Guidance department at Parkwood; Future plans; Reflections on Parkwood; Parkwood is being closed
Item 8424: Stephen King interview (interviewed by Diane Taylor), 1964-1984Add to your cart.
HIS LIFE -- Biographical information; Swimming Career; Piano Career; Studies; Future goals; Church; Bible Study; SAGA
Item 8425: Jack Rodesiler interview (interviewed by Glenn Smith)Add to your cart.
Life in College of DuPage;
Item 8426: Donald Barton interview (interviewed by Lisa K. Lindsey), 1984Add to your cart.
LIFE IN PHILIPINES – Biographical information; Belief in Christ; Relationship with peers; Preparing for the Philippines; Other over seas missions projects; God’s fulltime call; Home in the Philippines; Living conditions in the Philippines; Adjustment to new life style; Poverty around the home; Neighborhood children; Adjustment to poverty; New friends in the Philippines; A new college friend; Friendships with younger kids; College course (Filipino History); Adoption of Two Filipino Children (Jonus and Jonette); Their Filipino home; Family’s feeling about the adoption; The adoption procedure; The initial decision of adoption; Recreation in the Philippines; Reevaluation of American Life Style; Nostalgia; Inspiration for Other Team Missions; Filipino reaction to Americans; Jonus and Jonette’s adjustment to American life style; Their relationship with peers; Adjustment to family living; Progress in school; Relationships with relatives
Item 8428: Col. William Ladd interview (interviewed by David Creedon), 1957-1968Add to your cart.
VIETNAM/ROTC – Biographical information; Wheaton College: reputation, academics, extracurriculars; ROTC; Military police; Vietnam; Reasons, purpose for US involvement Chinese and Russian involvement; Col. Ladd’s assignment in Vietnam; Delta Region; Assisting and advising S. Vietnamese officers; Patrolling a canal; Viet-Cong mass offensive; Information circulating in Vietnam; US Army: Attitudes towards Vietnam; Post-Vietnam Military assignment; Affects of Vietnam; Christians and Christianity in Vietnam
Item 8430: Marilyn Joldersma interview (interviewed by Sandra Mallon), 1983Add to your cart.
HONDURAS PROJECT – Biographical information; Beginning interest in Honduras; Application process; Other missionary projects involved in; Christians in Honduras; Personal growth resulting from Honduras Project; Description of the trip; Unity among students; Opportunities to witness in Honduras; Language problems; Prejudice toward Honduran people; One-word description of trip; Training for trip; Home-sickness; Weather; Christmas; Honduran friends; Relationship with fellow students; Suggested changes; Recommendation for involvement in the Project; Photography; First impressions of Honduras; Reactions on returning to US; Honduran food; Honduran economy; Church services for Hondurans; Honduran attitudes toward Americans, the project, and wealth; Honduran customs; Adjustments between wealthy and poor culture; Parents’ reaction; Fund-raising; Interest in missionary work
Item 8431: Ruth Gibson interview (interviewed by Alyson Adams), 1955-1959Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical information; First impression of Wheaton; Phy. Ed. Major; Freshman orientation; Campus Appearance; Freshman year; Talking records; Social life; TCAC (Too-Cool Athletic Club); Senior Sneak; Senior bench; Up-the-Tower parties; Restrictions; Academics; Major; Faculty as friends; Dr. Edman; Spiritual aspects; Honeyrock; Impact of Wheaton on her life; Alumni association
Item 8432: Bettina Delgado interview (interviewed by Sarah Lammers), 1974-1984Add to your cart.
MEXICO CITY – Missionary family in Mexico City with Oversea Crusades;  Class divisions in Mexico City; Family orientation; Disintegration of family – result of US trends; Attitudes of children towards parents in social classes; Christmas and celebration traditions; Kings Day – a continuation of Christmas through Feb 14; Education in social classes; Colleges in US vs. Mexico City; Christian and Catholic colleges; Father’s occupation; Spiritualism, superstition, and belief in witch doctors; Acceptance of the Gospel and presentation to the Mexican people; Reasons for Mexicans accepting the Gospel; Bible studies and children’s ministries; Cults in Mexico, Jehovah’s witnesses, Mormons, and Eastern religions; Mexicans as religious people; Importance of churches to Mexican people; Governmental influences on changes in positions of people in social classes;  Mexico as a dishonest society that tries to redeem itself through religious practices; Mexicans’ views of foreigners and visitors, how visitors are taken advantage of
Item 8433: Herb Hansen interview (interviewed by Sara Kuipers), 1935-1939Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical information; Reasons for coming to Wheaton; First time at Wheaton; Orientation course Freshman year (etiquette); Dorm life; Women’s dorms; Initiation by the Sophomore class; Sophomore court; Harassing freshmen when a sophomore; Class competitiveness; Limited social life; Literary society; Clubs and Activities, wrestling; Spiritual life on campus; Chapel; Buildings on campus; Eating; Academics, history major; Grad school – Chicago State, Northwestern; Wheaton’s preparation for grad school; Reasons for students coming to Wheaton; Class of 1938; Senior sneak; Pranks; Comparatively quiet mid-30s; Very quiet on campus
Item 8435: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Estabrooks interview (interviewed by Brenda Estabrooks), 1960-1964Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Life before Wheaton; Changes since the 1960s; Classes, instructors, total student body; School calendar; Class bench; Spiritual attitudes and opportunities; Chapel; Strengths of Wheaton; The Pledge; Dining hall; Grave and underground railroad research on campus; Changing majors; Kodon, WETN, Tower, Engagement bell ringing; Sports and extracurricular activities; Career development, Registration, vocational preference tests, comprehensive exams; Wheaton riots; Class gift of fountain; Billy Graham; Freshman initiation and transfer experience; Chaplain Welsh; Senior Sneak; Graduation speaker; Memories
Item 8438: Emory Griffin interview (interviewed by Steve Knudsen), 1984Add to your cart.
COMMUNICATIONS – Family life; Beginning of interest in Communications; Personal philosophy of speech communication; Impact of communication on society; Communication major at Wheaton; Options within the Comm. Major; Church involvement; Extracurricular activities; Young life; Small group training; Flying/Airline Pilot; Salary as part-time teacher; Family background; Camel Analogy: Relinquishment, lifestyle, Hands-on contact with people, education, inner life; Career goals; View of friendship; Friendship evangelism; Wheaton students involved in evangelism; Social and emotional changes at Wheaton since 1969; Future for communication majors at Wheaton; Teacher opinions; How students should treat social issues at Wheaton; Goal for Wheaton: Humor
Item 8440: Drasko Jovanovic interview (interviewed by Maurice Lee), 1966-1986Add to your cart.
FERMILAB‑PHYSICS – Biographical information; Physics in Yugoslavia; Father’s influence; Experimental vs. theoretical physics; His position at Fermilab; Function of the physics dept at Fermilab; Program Advisory Committee at Fermilab; His experiments at Fermilab; Neutr(ino)-mass experiment; Investigation process; High energy physics today, in the future, and its implications; Searching or more beyond quarks – the cyclotron; Finality in knowledge in particle physics?; Philosophical implications of high energy physics; Role of a physicist or scientist in society; Science as “driving” society; Feelings of the physicist; The driving force for a physicist; Response of the public to high energy physics; Fermilab as outgrowth of the university
Item 8501: Katrina Anderson interview (interviewed by Heather Yar-Brough), 1982Add to your cart.
TEEN MISSIONS, EUROPE – Biographical information; Destination; Purpose oftravel; Reason for joining Teen Mission; Boot Camp; Travel to France; Transition between places; Salvation Army overnight; To Spain, Madrid; Fly home; Trip restrictions; Relationships in group; Feelings about the trip
Item 8502: Tadzio Jankowski interview (interviewed by David Farrell), 1900-1986Add to your cart.
POLAND – Biographical information; Raised in Minnesota; Polish classes at U of M; History of Poland; Baptism of Poland – accepted Roman Catholicism; geographical problems; Rise and decline of power; Partitioning of Poland (Germany, Russia,  Austria); Poland was nonexistent between 1975 through WWI; Reborn s a nation; 1939 German invasion; Controlled by Russian communists; 95% Roman Catholic; 1500-1600 Swedish invasion; Communist effectiveness on Poland; Price comparisons; Food rations; Farmers; Medical assistance; Black Market, economics; Exchange market; Immorality; Daily life; Cars; Comparison to other communist countries; Russian view of Poland; Romania – the worst; Trading over border; Chance for overthrow?; TV, radio, newspaper as sources of information; Polish cartoons; Foreign movies; Washing and drying clothes; Plumbing
Item 8503: Sonnie Kemp interview (interviewed by Joy Windes)Add to your cart.
Item 8504: Eugene Grossman interview (interviewed by Marcia Tappin)Add to your cart.
IMMIGRATION TO US FROM RUSSIA – Growing up in the USSR; Going to Europe before coming to the US; Preparing to come to US; Viewpoint of the Soviets; Wheaton Grad School; Reasons for leaving Russia; Well-prepared coming to US; Things surprising to him; Cultural differences; Soviet propaganda; Ignorance of the American public; Reason for choosing US; Reason for living in Chicago; Family that was left behind
Item 8505: John F. Devito interview (interviewed by Jennifer Devito), 1934Add to your cart.
ITALIAN IMMIGRANT – Biographical information; Father’s business; Education and present life; Parents’ jobs; Basic need provided for; Coming to America; Finding job; Italian heritage, culture; Grandfather’s immigration; Enjoyments as a child; Schooling; Racial strife; Outlook on life of parents; Mother’s duties and activities; Family oriented; Parents’ political views; Memories of WWII; Scarcity of items; Attitudes towards and after WWII; Economy before and after the war; Effect of the war on mother; Awareness of atomic testings; Attitude changes towards presidency; Moral questions raised; Change of people’s views; Threat of Communism; Influence on public opinion; Finger pointing, communist sympathizers; McArthy investigations; Basic subject content of Truman tape; Persuasive manor; Father’s motivation to make tape; Interest in speeches; Faith in government and Truman; Presidential terms restricted; Effect on small cities; Political views of college students; Involvement in college; Sports and interests of students; Major; Effects of growing up in post depression years; Other students’ views on continuation of future; Growing up years and values vs. today
Item 8507: Laurie Clark interview (interviewed by Julie Eckstrom), 1967-1985Add to your cart.
PERSONAL LIFE, WHEATON COLLEGE – Early memories; Family activities; Schooling through high school; Living in California; Wheaton College; Interests; Dating; Dorm life and food; The Pledge; Goals after graduation from Wheaton; Wheaton measuring up to expectations; Common on-campus hangouts; Orientation; Interest in Political Science; Summer Plans; Qualities a husband should have; Plans for children?; Music Interest; Integration of faith and occupation; Parents’ attitude toward her opinions; Music ability and goals
Item 8508: Alison Quick interview (interviewed by Julie Urback), 1985Add to your cart.
DISCRIMINATION – Biographical information; Behavior toward Blacks in US; Experience with discrimination; Nature of prejudice in US; Suffested remedies of prejudiced thinking; Parents’ upbringing/effect on Interviewee; Attitude of Blacks; Improving conditions for Blacks; Jesse Jackson’s campaign; Blacks’ role in society; BRIDGE – Multicultural Organization at Wheaton; Skin color – only racial difference; Interracial dating/marriage
Item 8509: John Von Rosenberg interview (interviewed by Scott Wisley), 1985Add to your cart.
FRESHMAN LIFE -- Biographical information; Visiting Wheaton; High Road / Honey Rock; First Impressions; Adjustments; Studies; Athletics; Other activities; Ministries; His family; Food; Freedom in college; Advice to incoming freshmen; Differences between high school and college
Item 8510: Carl Fridstrom interview (interviewed by Becky Winterholder), 1917-1985Add to your cart.
SWEDISH IMMIGRATION – Childhood in Sweden; Parents; Differences between US and Sweden; Mother’s involvement in church; Journey to American; Ellis Island; Moved to Chicago; Father’s jobs; Father’s coal business; School; Mother cleaned and sewed for people; Friction between his parents and aunt and uncle; Father bought ice business; Father preached for pay frequently; Father died in 1935; Carl’s jobs; Great Depression and effects on the family; Balancing work and school; Mother started work on the assembly line; Garage business; Attended Northwestern School of Business; Married Helen Carlson 1941; Drafted into the Marines; Mother got cancer and died in 1953; Carpenter work with father-in-law; Finished college; Supervisor of Montgomery Ward; Bought gas station and repair shop; His three children and their families
Item 8511: Rosalyn Brandt interview (interviewed by Steve Ryan), 1983Add to your cart.
VENEZUELA – Teen Missions summer project to Venezuela August 1983; Reason for trip; Family reaction; Training for trip; Final preparation with team 1 week before leaving; Financing and fundraising; Letter writing; Purpose, goal of trip; Feelings before leaving; Sightseeing, trips on canoe, wildlife; Interactions with Venezuelan people; Spiritual positions of Venezuelans; Missionary need; Interaction with team members; Team activities;  Painting; Assimilation into Venezuelan culture; Dress and eating habits of Venezuelans; Poverty and socioeconomic status; Luxuries; Venezuelan’s culture shock and attitude; Bargaining in the marketplace; Typical day; Treatment by missionaries; Touring of cemeteries an burial practices; Missionary responsibilities; Advice from missionaries; Political concerns; Personal reflection about missionaries and lifestyle; Reflection about team; Personal things learned; Friend’s thoughts and reactions back home; Advice for those interested; How she benefited from her experience
Item 8512: Heather Hughes interview, 1965-1985Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE-History 101 lab oral report assignment
Item 8513: Marialena Gant interview (interviewed by Karen Reed), 1967-1985Add to your cart.
MISSIONARY KID IN ARGENTINA – Biographical information; Positive and negative effects of being an MK; Relationship with other MKs in Argentina; Negative and positive aspects of being bicultural; Difficulty of adjusting to America; Prospect of being a missionary in Argentina or living in US; Differences of missionary field as compared to America; Argentina high school activities compared to US; He opinion of the US; Argentina cities; Prospect of becoming a missionary; Prospect of being a missionary in Argentina or in another country
Item 8514: Joanne Jackson interview (interviewed by Kristin Mushet), 1982-1985Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical information; Reasons for coming to Wheaton; Feelings the first day; Diakoni; Use of buildings; Hangouts; Dating; Pranks; Traditions; The Pledge; RA application process; Friends; RA Job responsibilities; Effects of being an RA on schoolwork and social life; Sports; Campus activities; SAGA; Atmosphere at Wheaton; Best class; Major changes; President; Influential people: Dr. Butman, Judith Campbell; Internship: Observation and responsibilities, future as counselor; College Church; Needed changes at Wheaton; Advice to freshmen
Item 8515: Boyd Coolman interview (interviewed by Stephen Whipple), 1985Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Growing up in Michigan; Choosing Wheaton; Attitude toward Wheaton; First week; First month; Typical Wheaton students; Surprising things about Wheaton; Attitude toward academics; Chapel; College rules; Dorm Life; Sister floors and Sib groups; SAGA; Activities; Sports; Ministries; Minority groups; Upsetting campus life; Spiritual attitude; Campus entertainment
Item 8515a: Matt Kinne interview (interviewed by Stephen Whipple), 1985Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Growing up in Michigan; Choosing Wheaton; Attitude toward Wheaton; First week; First month; Typical Wheaton students; Surprising things about Wheaton; Attitude toward academics; Chapel; College rules; Dorm Life; Sister floors and Sib groups; SAGA; Activities; Sports; Ministries; Minority groups; Upsetting campus life; Spiritual attitude; Campus entertainment
Item 8515b: Matt Kline interview (interviewed by Steven Whipple), 1985Add to your cart.
WHEATON FRESHMAN -- various aspects of campus life as observed by two freshmen students, six weeks after arrival at Wheaton.
Item 8516: Arnie Evenson interview (interviewed by David Peel), 1926-1929Add to your cart.
NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY – Northwestern University; Dating; Pranks; Rules and regulations; Dorm life; Social customs; Minorities; Getting a job; Pressure from classes; Grading; Public speaking class; Fashion; Pride of students; Difficulty of classes; Religious values; Personal ambition; Church at college; Community; Morality of students; Politics; The Depression; Benefits from college; Attitudes of students; Scholarships; Money value; Choosing Northwestern; Preparation of high school; Fraternities; Paying for college; Publications
Item 8517a: Dr. Waltraud interview, 1939-1985Add to your cart.
Item 8517b: Dr. Waltraud C. Wonlschlegel interview (interviewed by Magdelene (Meme) Wonlschlegel), 1939-1985Add to your cart.
EMMIGRATION FROM GERMANY TO US – Biographical information; Reason for immigration to US; Immigrated for Germany alone; First year in US; Earning a living; Religious differences in US; Politics in Germany; Germans’ attitude toward politics; Family life in Germany; Educational differences; Social differences; Germans enjoy culture; Differences of customs; Getting a visa; Parental consent to immigrate; Became a US citizen in order to vote; Didn't have much historical teaching; Qualifications for becoming a US citizen; How she became a citizen; Freedom main positive of US; Negative of Germany – ruled by shoulds; Friendliness of US; Positives of Germany; Germany’s US influences; Why she wouldn’t go back to Germany; Germans judge others; Freedom is US; Her loyalty to Germany; Her family’s attitude towards US
Item 8518: Bernard Stout interview (interviewed by Jenny Reiss), 1926-1985Add to your cart.
GREAT DEPRESSION/WWII – Family life; Farm work, parents, moving; Terimmin, Arkansas: city life; Stock market crash of 1929; Trip to San Francisco, CA; WWII; Return to US after war; Recession, farming: working & job hunting; Kaiser-Fraizer car; Childhood memories; Farming, games on the farm; Weather, growing season in Arkansas; Girl’s toys, chores on farm; Radio/music of the time; Trip to Oklahoma; Change from farming to city work; Caution in money affairs; Family closeness during Depression; Farm House; Family statistics; WWII involvement; End of WWII, Japanese surrender; National debt; Harry Truman; Reaction to Atom Bomb; Friends from the service; Remembered presidents, Hot issues; Working in Chicago – labor union involvement; Working attitudes of today; Technology change in the forge; Nearby communities, blacks, corporations; Chicago, the city; Family Relationships
Item 8519: Charles (Chuck) Sterner interview (interviewed by David Brichoux), 1983-1985Add to your cart.
MISSIONARY‑SAMOA – Background of visit; Time spent in Samoa; Purpose of visit; Political and cultural history; The love of the people; Geography of Samoan islands; Vegetation, foods grown; YWAM school; Differences between Western & American Samoa; Family, Matai, Elderly values; Religion, happiness in culture; AOG religious taboos; Festiveness of people; Concept of time and work; Occupations in American Samoa; Occupations in Western Samoa; Land ownership; Obeying the Matai; Fishing and boats; Recreation and sports; Exchange of gives; Relationship between men and women; Marriage and sexual morals; Divorce, morals, council; Crime; Physical appearance of people; Stereotypes of Samoans; Working with the people; Learning culture from LA friend, people, experience; Clothing, Lava lava
Item 8521: Reginald Gerig interview (interviewed by Molly Carson), 1937-1985Add to your cart.
WHEATON GRAD, WWII – Biographical information; Education at Juliard Summer School, Indiana University, and Fort Wayne Bible College; Coming to Wheaton as conservatory student in 1940; Graduation during WWII; Involvement with the Naval Reserve; Chaplain school for the military; Marriage to Connie, piano-major Wheaton grad; Service at naval base in Cuba; Discharge Nov. 1945
Item 8601: Sandy Flewelling interview (interviewed by Jenny Rice), 1984Add to your cart.
MISSION WORK – Youth with a Mission; Time; Application process; Family backing; Support; Training; Away from home during training; Teams and groups; Attitude of team; Friendships during training; Team comes from all over country; Relationships of leaders and students; Ages of team; Conviction; Background of team worship; Outreach – Bahamas; Faith; Transportation; First impression of Bahamas; Places visited in Bahamas; Religious background of Bahamas; Evangelism methods; Natives attitudes; Religion of Bahamas; Approach; Cults; Enjoyment of witnessing; Living conditions; Weather and relationships; Tourists; Pair up during evangelism; Relationship with home (birthday); Water and unpleasant experience; View of evangelism; Faith stretching experience; Future with mission
Item 8602: Bruce Kohl interview (interviewed by Pete Larson)Add to your cart.
GROWING UP/MA. -- Biographical information; High school; Radio Talk Show; Autograph collection; Peer Counseling; School spirit; SADD involvement
Item 8603: Talmage Payne interview (interviewed by Matt Elliot)Add to your cart.
MK IN NIGERIA – Growing up; Boarding school; Why some MKs don’t have a good experience in boarding school; What he considers to be home; Family life at mission compound; How he came to Wheaton; How he had to flee his country because of a U.S. money scandal; The church in Africa (growth); Demonic Spirits in African society; What worship is like in Africa; Why the enthusiasm in Christians there?; How we can pray for Africa
Item 8604: Brone Ko interview (interviewed by Mia Yukich), 1917-1986Add to your cart.
IMMIGRATION – 1917 Born in Russia but Ukrainian nationality; WWII – had to leave the Ukraine; Emigration to US 1949; Difficult life – prison, WWII; Arriving at New York harbor – Suspected by CIA as Russian spy and sent to prison; Passing American exams to practice profession; Working in architecture as a woman; Opens private office in Ukrainian society with husband; Goes out of business; Job with Epstein and Sons (25 years); Retirement; American Institute of Architects (AIA); Biographical information; Decision to go into architecture; Reasons for immigrating; Didn’t realize immigration to US would be permanent (USSR took over the Ukraine); Time in prison; Coming to Chicago; Impressions of America; Working camps in Germany; Conditions of working camps
Item 8605: Walter Baer interview (interviewed by Gary Mellick)Add to your cart.
WHEATON LIFE – Biographical information; Decision to attend Wheaton; Freshman impression; Darryl’s influence on Walter; Problem of judging on campus; Summer retreat experience; Observations and needs for Wheaton; Positive aspects of Wheaton-Fellowship; Experiencing Love, Joy, and Peace; Relationship with Roommates
Item 8606a: Kimberly Brust interview (interviewed by Brian Hayes), 1980-1989Add to your cart.
CHICAGO INNER CITY SCHOOLS– The building – graffiti; Campus – a lot of pollution; Popular hangouts – fast food places; Social life, many ethnic backgrounds; Rules – very strict – ID cards worn on necks; Relationships – accepted easily, same race stuck together; Slang – 3 major groups: blacks, whites, Hispanics; School traditions – no school spirit; School size – 2000-2500; Food; Gangs – the “Folks” and “People”; Vandalism; Bussing program; Academic standards; Greatest impact on life; Music and money important; Drop out rate; Teachers; Big changes in life due to God’s love; Drinking, smoking, drugs; Major religions – Catholicism, atheists; Didn’t care about Christianity; Evangelistic opportunities; Being a Christian in a secular school; Relationship between school and community; Sports, Clubs; What to change in school; Student Government; Stabbing; Effect of the 1980’s on the school system; Thoughts of school before and after; Negative reactions to school; Positive things experienced in school; Inner city schools vs. other schools
Item 8606b: Susan Kraft interview (interviewed by Jacquelyn Moak), 1984Add to your cart.
GERMANY – Biographical information; Student exchange; German program; Finances; Living accommodations; School attendance; School comparison; Tours; German Culture; Appearance; Feelings as a foreigner;  Food; Religion; Teen-agers; School; Traffic; Language; Housing; Cities; Politics; Personal Hygiene; Television; “Famous” people; Tour German/American culture comparison; Cultural Taboos; Climate; Students; Costs; Student Vocations; Social status; Community
Item 8607: Dr. Joe McClatchey interview (interviewed by Chris Quinn), 1972-1986Add to your cart.
WHEATON IN ENGLAND – Ministry and Goals; Graduate School; Origins of Wheaton in England (1972-74); Contacts with Oxford (Dr. Cunningham); Channels through other colleges, problem of accommodations; University of London and Oxford; Approval of program, first year – 1975; Design of program; Challenges and growth of program; Department responsibility; Various Directors over the years; Student response; Logistics of program; Favorites experiences of students; Benefits of a program in England: intellectual stimulation, sense of doing something worthwhile, beauty of country, see student growth; Bond of program (Student/Professor relations)’; Success and continuation of program; Adds dimension and understanding to the discipline; Invaluable experience
Item 8608: Kimberly Brust interview (interviewed by Brian Hayes), 1982-1986Add to your cart.
HIGH SCHOOL EXPERIENCE IN INNER CITY – Student activities; Popular hangouts; Fashion; Detention, cuts, tardy; Student ID; Cliques; Slang; Folks, People; Gang control, violence; Academic competition; Values and goals; Relationships and growth; Major religions; General view of Christianity; Personal testimony; Evangelical opportunity; School–community relations; Sports; Clubs; Academic participation; Stricter scholastic requirements; Student government; Major events; Drugs; View of high school from grammar school; School curriculum; Negative/positive reactions to school; Outsiders can’t relate to inner city schools
Item 8610: Betty H. Cheshire interview (interviewed by Karyn Cheshire), 1933-1942Add to your cart.
Item 8611: Rev. George Simmonds interview (interviewed by Beverly Syverson), 1890-1986Add to your cart.
DR. EDMAN'S ILL.; born in San Francisco to English parents, settled in South then to Louisville and St. Louis; first 3 children died; desired to become a missionary at age 10;
Item 8612: Lavern Bjorklund interview (interviewed by Jennifer Date), 1954-1986Add to your cart.
Physical Education professor for women's sports;
Item 8613: Ada Winsor interview, 1925-1930Add to your cart.
CLASS OF 1930 WHEATON COLLEGE – Friendly atmosphere; Wheaton Academy with the College; Dating; Cliques; Spiritual activities; Clubs, groups, and ministries; Individual dating; Church; Working in the president’s office; Spiritual life and activities; The College’s more worldly point of view today; Dress etiquette; Wheaton’s spiritual effect on the community; Chapel; Rules; Studying and working; Administration; Breaking rules; Intellectual life; Teaching; Teacher-student relations; Science department; Nursing; Student awareness of world environment; The Depression; Campus life; Dining hall food; Library; Dorm rooms; School buildings; Supervision; Hang outs; Lane’s home; Missionary kids; Student backgrounds; Influences on students; Hobbies; Trips to Chicago; Missionary work; Returning to Wheaton from the mission field; Undisciplined lives at Wheaton today; America today
Item 8701: Kristin Pardue interview (interviewed by Charles Matson), 1987Add to your cart.
COLLEGE EXPECTATIONS – Academic standards and reputation; College rules; Participation in sports; Paying for College; Other colleges considered; Differences of Christian schools – moral support, encouragement; Difficulty in standing up for what one believes in; Need for Christian fellowship; Fears about college; Siblings; Balancing academics and social life; Fitting in; Labels in high school – starting over in college; Success; Proximity to home; Parents’ influence; Academic reputation; Teachers’ reaction; Problems of nearness; Excitement about leaving home; God’s role in choosing a college; Masks Christians wear; Interviews; Questions; Preparedness; Making time for people
Item 8702: J. Richard Chase interview (interviewed by Tanya Wilber), 1947-1987Add to your cart.
BIOG/COLLEGE PRES. – Entering college; Students’ attitudes toward the facilities at Viola; Styles and fads of students; Faculties views on fads; Housing situation; Popular hangouts; Involvement in student government, athletics; Majors; Colleges attended; Early home life; Dating; Slang; Traditions on campus; Minority students on campus; College rules; Pranks and parties; cliques; Dining hall and food; Entertainment groups that come to campus; Attitudes toward PDA; Academic competition; Values of students; Identity at college; Lasting friendships; Programs dealing with traveling abroad in college; College changes on life; Chapel; Spiritual revivals at school; Christian outreach to community; Bible studies and prayer groups at college; Church attendance; Relationship between college and community; Major positive and negative reactions of college; Effect of WWII on campus; Upsetting issue on campus; Active involvement in Student Government; Student publications; Early thoughts on becoming president; Becoming president; Meeting wife; Breaking of minor laws on campus; Main tasks on campus; Did he wish he had remained a teacher
Item 8703: Ben Lin interview (interviewed by Richard Hostetter), 1987Add to your cart.
Item 8704: Cameron Roxburgh interview (interviewed by Lara Spuck), 1983-1987Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical Information; Reasons for choosing Wheaton; First impression of Wheaton; Changes in Wheaton; Dating, favorite hang-outs; Chapel pranks; Dorm life (Fischer); Academics; Influential Teachers; Teachers and integration of Christianity; Important of relating God to school; Extracurricular Activities; Spirituality on campus; Relations between college and community; College union vs. student government; Soccer: NCAA Championship, 1984; Friendships; Personal changes; Changes he would make at Wheaton; Reflections on his own experience at Wheaton; The Pledge
Item 8705: Ruth Ross interview (interviewed by Jennifer Barnes), 1947-1951Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Elementary Education major; differences in newer campus: Library; Dining Halls; Billy Graham beginning career; Girl’s locker room; Stupe; Mailboxes; “Greater % of fellas – guy’s dorms”; Strict curfew; Washington banquet; Smith dorm; Hard to keep rules, much like now; Pledge – stricter than now; no orchestra or drama; Social organizations and women’s societies; Dating; Good profs; Spiritual experience; Marriage to Art; Moving to Philadelphia; early childhood in Elmhurst; Reasons for coming to Wheaton; Wheaton leaders and academics; Keeping up our guard as examples to community; Advice to new students; Negatives; Friends from college; Student leaders; Rebellion during 1960'’; Revival; Beards and the campus; Senior and junior competition – the bench; No TVs – just being invented; Radios, Jazz, Hi-fi; Freshman days; Homecoming – Alumni dinners; Turnabout; Transportation; Stupe story – Mouse in bottle; 1950 Spring Revival; Tuition: $12/hour; Jim Elliot and situation; Campus stunts; College feelings – grown up
Item 8706: Emil Schanen interview (interviewed by Mary Sue Preisler), 1911-1940Add to your cart.
IMMIGRATION (LUXEMBOURG), THE DEPRESSION – Childhood memories; Father comes to America from Luxembourg; Recollections of Father; WWII; Siblings; Grandparents; The Depression and its effect on the family; Father; Farm Life; Entertainment during the Depression; Training as Draftsman; Career; Family Traditions; Reaction to Father’s Death; Educational system of 1920’s
Item 8707: Glenn Town interview (interviewed by Rob Ribbe), 1971-1973Add to your cart.
Item 8708: Julie Shim interview (interviewed by Karen Hardy), 1987Add to your cart.
Item 8709: David Brichoux interview (interviewed by Jonathan Peel), 1970-1989Add to your cart.
MK—PHILIPPINES – Living in the Philippines; Schooling by parents, MK school; Disputes between missionaries; Translating the bible; House; Difference between two of the tribes; Political difficulties with Communist groups; Move near army outpost for safety; Subanin church; Ethon, the first Christian of the tribe; Next door neighbor, a witch doctor; School in Manila, after 8th grade; Dorm parents; Summer job in Phoenix; Wheaton college, UPS job; Americans – shallow people; Wheaton style compared to MK’s – materialistic, many prejudices; Wheaton image; Evangelicals; Professors; Finding “truth” of creation/evolution
Item 8710: Mrs. Mawii Pudaite interview (interviewed by Susan Bergstrom)Add to your cart.
INDIA/MINISTRY – Biographical information; Coming to America; Life in the village – farming, schooling; School movement; Religious background of the Hmar people; First missionary to NE India; First Introduction to the Gospel: Publishing and sending out of the book of John, Call to the missionary, Journey to the Hmar people, Giving the message, Illustration from Indian life; Conversion and growth of Mr. Pudaite’s father; Influence of white man on Indian faith; Mr. Pudaite’s work: opening schools, training nationals; “Bibles for the world”: Researching leaders, Preaching crusades in India, Debating a Muslim priest; Reaching the world
Item 8711: Sharmila Banerjee interview (interviewed by Bill Norris)Add to your cart.
ARRANGED MARRIAGES IN INDIA – Sharmila’s reaction to American girls; Her background; Today’s Hindu looking for own spouses; Poor family background; Basis of how spouses are picked; Marriage and education; Ages for men and women to marry; Money and careers; Dowries; Postponing marriage for middle-class India; Her class; Christians within the middle-class group; Hindu’s plan for marriages; India’s toleration; Marriages of cross faiths; Parents do the choosing; Her opinion on arranged marriages; Divorce in India; Husband’s death; How Indians handle money; After marriage Indians live with his family; What occupies the Indian teenager; Process of arranged marriages; Approach of Indians into marriage; When the child finds out their match; How girls prepare for marriage; Responsibilities in the marriage; Western marriages vs. Indian marriages; Her engagement and marriage
Item 8712: Dr. Arthur Melvin interview (interviewed by Erin _____), 1960-1987Add to your cart.
Century III Foundation; Beginnings of foundation; People involved in foundation; Location of foundation; Purpose; Research objective; Workshop pre-test; Workshop data and tabulation; Theory; Standard of value; Workshop goal; Leviticus 19:35,36; Morality in schools and news; Workshops in schools; Community consensus center; Christian aspect of foundation; Dale Evans Rogers; Cancer, death of wife; Upcoming workshop seminar; University interest in foundation; Post-tests; Recent books of interest; Moral Paradine; Encyclopedia of Philosophy; Book quotations
Item 8713: Lyndon R. Hess interview (interviewed by Jodi Schroeder), 1932-1982Add to your cart.
MISSIONS IN AFRICA – Traveling; Descriptions and impressions of Africa; National people; Language barriers; Villages and lifestyles; Women’s roles; Tribe and legal system; Dr. Mrs. Fischer’s work in Africa; Medical assistance provided by the Fischers; Translation of the Bible to native language; Beliefs of national people; Establishment of schools; Churches emerge; Government intervention in schools; Nationals respect for the Fischers after their death; Christian Africans carry on work in schools; Lyndon Hess and the school for missionary kids; Obstacles to overcome; Sanitation; Hydro-electric system; Health problems of national people; Food situation; Acceptance of him and his wife; His impression of African people; Apartheid situation and his opinion; Children in the missionary school; Friendships between Hess and the nationals; Church situation; Pray for Africa
Item 8714: Christine Kepner interview (interviewed by Julie Wittman), 1960-1987Add to your cart.
COLUMBIA – Biographical information; Schooling in Ecuador; Life in the jungle community; Life in Kansas; Comparisons between life in US and Ecuador; Languages; Comparison between village life and jungle community;  Attitudes of Ecuadorians towards her family; Accomplishments/goals missionary work by her parents; Family’s frustrations of missionary work; Influence of the Catholic Church in Ecuador; In-depth view of her father, major influence in her life; Current political position/injustices of Columbia; Major concerns for her parents in Columbia; Current Latin America ideas compared to North American; Her experience in mission work, past and present; Issue of women missionaries in the 3rd world; Teaching experiences; Advantages of knowing a second language; Her experience in Mexico; Advantages of being American; Her personal life (marriage, kids); Adoption of her daughter; Deeper insights on people, missionaries, and how she can influence her students’ views on missionary life
Item 8715: George and Olive Lord interview (interviewed by Lori Tank)Add to your cart.
Item 8716: Mark Davis interview (interviewed by Craig Surrie), 1985Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE LIFE – Biographical information; Future plans; Academic competition; Favorite class; Dislike of Chemistry; Gen. Ed. Requirements; Faculty Prowess; Integration of Spirituality in classes; Intramural sports; Campus enthusiasm in varsity sports; Social life at Wheaton; Fun activities around Wheaton; The Pledge controversy; Spiritual life of the campus; Personal devotions and outreach; Improvements for Wheaton; Words of wisdom
Item 8717: Cathy Kuna interview (interviewed by Michael Dodds), 1963-1987Add to your cart.
BAPTIST TO EPISCOPAL – Biographical information; Birthplace (Philadelphia); Family-employment; Reasons for attending Wheaton; Baptist background in Wheaton context; Accepting different denominations at Wheaton; “Here’s Life”/Campus Crusade for Christ campaigns; Reexamination of doctrinal ideas at Wheaton; Influences (friends) on religious ideas; 1st semester at Wheaton – growth of faith; Reading Luther, discussing church reform; Establishing personal faith at Wheaton; Becoming a real Christian; How new faith affected life; Faith in past 5 years; Changing place of worship; Bethany Chapel experience, reflections; Role of women in church; Leaving Bethany Chapel; St. Barnabas experience; Wheaton College view towards St. Barnabas; “Artistic crowd” at St. Barnabas; Attraction to Episcopal service; Favorite parts of liturgical service; Importance of symbolism; Freedom of worship; Anxiety in Episcopal church; Liberalism in Episcopal church; Current denominational affiliation; Reflections on liturgical services; Misconceptions about liturgical churches; Role of sermon in liturgical church; Episcopal attitude to congregational body
Item 8718: Pete Willson interview (interviewed by Paul Beaver), 1947-1950Add to your cart.
BAPTIST TO EPISCOPAL – Biographical information; Birthplace (Philadelphia); Family-employment; Reasons for attending Wheaton; Baptist background in Wheaton context; Accepting different denominations at Wheaton; “Here’s Life”/Campus Crusade for Christ campaigns; Reexamination of doctrinal ideas at Wheaton; Influences (friends) on religious ideas; 1st semester at Wheaton – growth of faith; Reading Luther, discussing church reform; Establishing personal faith at Wheaton; Becoming a real Christian; How new faith affected life; Faith in past 5 years; Changing place of worship; Bethany Chapel experience, reflections; Role of women in church; Leaving Bethany Chapel; St. Barnabas experience; Wheaton College view towards St. Barnabas; “Artistic crowd” at St. Barnabas; Attraction to Episcopal service; Favorite parts of liturgical service; Importance of symbolism; Freedom of worship; Anxiety in Episcopal church; Liberalism in Episcopal church; Current denominational affiliation; Reflections on liturgical services; Misconceptions about liturgical churches; Role of sermon in liturgical church; Episcopal attitude to congregational body
Item 8719: Scott Baker interview (interviewed by Dave West), 1983-1987Add to your cart.
COLLEGE REPUBLICANS – Scott Baker’s political history; Meeting the President; The importance of Morton Blackwell; Becoming involved with College Republicans; Campaign for state president of College Republicans; Getting the youth campaign for President; Mondale Rally; Reagan Rally in DuPage; Reagan Rally in Springfield (being MC); Reagan commercial; Project in Grenada; Telegram incident
Item 8720: Greta Balabango interview (interviewed by Sally Huber)Add to your cart.
GUAM – Geography of Guam; Live in the Home; Weather; Geographic divisions within Guam; Central Guam; Northern Guam; Traditional Guam (Southern); Traditional sources of income; Difficulties of belonging to two cultures; Parents; Personal testimony; Religious orientation of family members; Plans for visiting home (1987); Family’s relationship to the Catholic Church; Relationship to other Christians in the Church; Misc. activities; Public education; Catholic education (private); Political structure of guam; Public attitude towards government; Feelings of homesickness; Economics in Guam; Ethnic groups; Language and dialects; Career goals; Characteristics of the common family; Clothing; Father’s ranch
Item 8721: Jan Sanders interview (interviewed by Brad Snyder), 1965-1966Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Buildings; Dress Code; Housing; Dating situation; Typical student; Faculty; Majors; Personnel in Department; Organizations; Class traditions: Senior, Freshman, Washington Banquet; Minority Students; Athletics; Dining Hall; Heating problems; WWI effects; Spiritual Setting; Chapel; Evangelistic services; Churches; Bible Classes; Political involvement; Student-administration relations; Expectations
Item 8722: Charles Samuel Gray interview (interviewed by Becky Gray), 1930-1987Add to your cart.
CHRISTIAN SERVICE BRIGADE – Childhood; Memories of WWII; Beginning years with CSB; CSB leaders; CSB camps attended; First travels he took with CSB; Father as Brigade captain; Summer team/Leadership team; Influence of Wheaton on CSB; CSB influence on Wheaton; Fiftieth anniversary of CSB; Pioneer girls launch; “Lay ‘88”; Years of service with CSB; Present position in CSB and road leading to it; Daily responsibilities as CSB president; New directions for CSB; Programs developed to aid Christian fathers; CSB’s impact on his family and own life; CSB’s impact on evangelical community
Item 8723: Elsie Halvorsen interview (interviewed by Paul Chelsen), 1911-1928Add to your cart.
IMMIGRATION/NORWAY – Biographical information; Family life in Norway; First thoughts on immigrating; Immigration to US; Arrival in US; Description of house in Norway; Norwegian geography; Childhood dress; Finding a job in New York; Family and relatives in US; Husband; Comparison of Norway to New York; Norwegian Traditions; Christmas; Home life; Dating/marriage; Food; Social life and food in New York; Norwegian intellectual life; Memory of sister; Schooling and church schooling in Norway; Teacher-Student relations in Norway; School organizations; Types of People in New York; People who Impacted her life; Schooling in America; Church involvement in American; Church life in Norway; Family and Country values in Norway; View of Christianity and conversion in Norway; Church life in New York; New York’s value system; View of Christianity once in New York; Reason for leaving Norway; Family’s reaction to her immigration; Who she left behind in Norway; View of US before her immigration; First impressions of the US; Any regrets for leaving Norway
Item 8724: Daisy B. Morgan interview (interviewed by Amy Kimbriel), 1897-1924Add to your cart.
LIFE IN COLORADO – Intro; Reason for moving to CO; Length of trip out west; Explanation of Milk; Place of settlement; Reason for staying longer than usual; Raising cantalopes; Transportation; Experiences with a donkey; Coyotes and bears; House; Move to Longment; Marriage to Ben Basher; Relationship to Children; Family Life; Lives of Children; Apprenticeship; Quarrels with Husband; Meets Ivan; Children Issue; BYPU; First marriage reflections
Item 8725: Charles Redfield interview (interviewed by David Redfield), 1957-1960Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE IN THE LATE 1960’s – Extracurricular Activities, Honey Rock, and Study Abroad; Changing of views – Vietnam War, politics; Chapel Buildings; Christian Life at Wheaton; Faculty’s willingness to help; Pre-arrival impressions of Wheaton; Financing education; Benefits of G. I. Bill
Item 8726: Mark Wilhite interview (interviewed by Kirsten Grossenbach), 1982-1986Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Biographical information; Physical features of campus; Fashions and trends; Popular hangouts; Social life; Pranks and anecdotes; Slang; Typical Wheaton student; Minority students; The Pledge; Dorm life; Lasting friendships; Dining hall; Entertainment groups; Attitudes towards social customs; Intellectual life; Economics department; Goals; Organizations and clubs; Course content; Extra programs; Life changes; Change in views; Chapel; College outreach; Church attendance; Political involvement; Positive/Negative reactions; Changes to be made; Student-Administration relations; Alumni influence; Room for change; Academic standards; Finance of education; Washington Banquet; Visits to Chicago; Curfews and housing
Item 8727: Greg Malstead interview (interviewed by Holly Dunkerton), 1979-1987Add to your cart.
OPERATION MOBILIZATION – Biographical information; England and work with OM; School and life in England; Differences between England and US; Wheaton College; Life on the ship; School and classes; Countries visited on OM ship; Purpose of ministry; Countries and expeditions; International exposure as a child; Gangs (KTP); Selling books from the ship; Fears on the ship
Item 8728: Ruth Suaminen interview (interviewed by April Anibal)Add to your cart.
Item 8729: Izez De Balbin Silva interview, 1960-1987Add to your cart.
BRAZIL – Work in Brazil in seminary aid (Organization: AETTE); Growth of seminaries in Brazil; Transition to US life during first trip; Weather – Sao Paolo vs. Chicago; Difficult 2nd transition b/c of boyfriend; Nature of people in Wheaton from Brazilian view; Finding God in the richness of every culture; Difficulties of studies and English; Exhaustion experienced because of pressure; Education – Brazilian vs. American; Her family, locations, and jobs; Growing up in Brazil; Most Brazilians start work early; Economic situation of Brazil; Government’s policy of high taxes; Low morale of people; Widening gap btwn rich and middle class; Spiritual problem behind the scene; Similarities btwn Hosea 4 and Brazil; Spread and satanic nature of spiritism; Positive aspects of Brazil; Awakening of Brazil to it’s missionary task; Spiritual importance of Brazil; Help of American missionaries; Dangers to spiritual workers of studying in US; Need for higher theological education in Brazil
Item 8730: Dr. Fountain interview (interviewed by Gross; Carolyn), ?-1987Add to your cart.
MISSIONS IN ZAIRE – Biographical information; An abrupt transition in Zaire; Vanga and the American Baptist Center, Hospital; Geographical area; Developing a community health program; Common health problems; The Bantu people; Thinking patterns; Decision making traditions; Ties to land and ancestors; Superstition vs. Spirituality; Spiritual power as a Christian doctor; Church and development hand in hand; Needs of the local church; Religiousness oscillates between revival and complacency; Family information; Christmas in Zaire; Arrowhead story; Improved hospital; Doctors
Item 8731: Data May Woodruff interview (interviewed by John Woodruff), 1923-1987Add to your cart.
Experience at Wheaton College as undergraduate; life in Wheaton after college
Item 8732: Dr. Mark Amstutz interview (interviewed by Chris Petty), 1986-1987Add to your cart.
SOUTH AFRICA – Interest in ethics and foreign policy; Problem of Apartheid, Grant to go received; Assumptions about treatment of blacks; Surprise at treatment of blacks; Possible misuse of police force; Difficulty of entering South Africa; Policy of Constructive Engagement; Problems with sanctions; Positive aspects of South Africa and comparison to other African countries; Sophistication of South African blacks; Attitudes of South Africans; Problem of government division of land and control over lives of blacks; Economic exploitation; Lack of cultural homogeneity; Progress towards better human rights; Problem of Urbanization; Possibility of black/white equality; How Christians should be informed, pray, and respond; Criticism of apartheid within the South African government
Item 8733: Patricia A. Truax interview (interviewed by Wendy Commons), 1986Add to your cart.
NAVAJO MISSION – Biographical information; Involvement in summer missions; Group characteristics; Options of mission projects; Kinds of people to work with; Preparation; Language barriers; Cultural difference; Goals of ministry; Personal goals; Thoughts before leaving; Average day; Darin’s testimony; Weather; Thoughts after trip; Difference in Navajo beliefs; Girl sheepherder; Girl’s grandfather (medicine man); Young high school boy; Older college boy; Jewelry – superstition; Eating meat – superstition; What God taught her
Item 8734: Alicia Hepler interview (interviewed by Kara Lundstrom), 1980-1984Add to your cart.
Raised in Elgin, three sisters; married with one son; husband a youth pastor at an Oak Park church; discussion of drama and theatre
Item 8801: Nina Fiore interview (interviewed by Jeanne Williams), 1970-1988Add to your cart.
MISSIONARY LIFE – Biographical information; Family going to the mission field; History of the Mission Board in Italy; Hardships of Mission life; Leaving Family; Language barrier and cultural difference; Moving and finding a place to live; Church planting; Italian personalities/evangelism; Sorcery in Italy; Positive aspects of mission life – children; Ministry in Italy; Radio broadcasting; Church services, Sunday school, Open-air evangelism; Summer campaigns; Translation work; Family ministry; Life in Italy; Schools in Italy; Social activities and friends; Mother’s role; Open house hospitality; Italian hospitality; Plans at Wheaton and for future ministry; Relatives in Italy; Witnessing to Italian relatives
Item 8802: Deborah Shine interview (interviewed by Carrie Klie), 1986-1988Add to your cart.
Item 8803: Coach J. R. Bishop interview (interviewed by Richard Busino)Add to your cart.
FOOTBALL -- recruiting players, Christians in sports
Item 8804: Shelley Downing interview (interviewed by Cheri Stough), 1968-1988Add to your cart.
MISSIONARY LIFE – Growing up in Zaire; Boarding School; Learning African languages; Adjustment to the US; Possibilities of returning to Africa; Culture comparison US vs. Africa; Attitudes of Africans toward the whites; Relations with African people; Adjusting from Africa to Wheaton; Spiritual growth
Item 8805: Peter Willson interview (interviewed by Greg Mccarthy), 1950-1988Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Buildings and campus; Dorms; Classrooms; Progression of campus; Fashions and fads; Cost of school; Campus activities; Wrestling; Dating; Old traditions; Minorities; Student social groups; Financing of school; Christianity and athletics; Academics; Administration; Class time; Spiritual goals for students
Box 4Add to your cart.
Item 8806: Coach Mike Swider interview (interviewed by Mike Yamamoto)Add to your cart.
Item 8807: Elizabeth Raney interview (interviewed by Kim Bixel), 1945-1968Add to your cart.
MISSIONARY LIFE – Personal Testimony; Call to missions; Preparation for missions (school); How she met her husband; Selecting a missions board; Life during canadicy and deputation; Assignment to the mission field (Philippines); Experiences traveling to the Philippines; Periods of tribulation (on field); Life during language study in Manila; Move to Palowan (Filipino Island); George’s (husband) experience in Northern Palowan; Duties as an MAF wife; Personal ministry together; Life as the only MAF piolots on the island; Summer of 1968; George’s flight exam in Manila; Death of a close friend; George killed Dec 22, 1968; Coping with husband’s death; Mission life alone with her children; Her children prepare for missions; She continues her mission work alone
Item 8808: Eleanor Paulson interview (interviewed by Julie Rhoden), 1952-1988Add to your cart.
Item 8809: Linda C. Knicker interview (interviewed by Michelle Becker), 1964-1988Add to your cart.
LIFE IN WHEATON – Years before Wheaton; Summer before Wheaton; Freshman year; Sophomore year; Political Atmosphere; Student/Administration conflict at Wheaton;  Materialism then and now; Friends at Wheaton that were rebels; Places to Hang Out; SAGA; Chapel; Death of Dr. Edman; Chapel and other pranks; Changes since leaving Wheaton; Comparison of Wheaton city and school
Item 8810a: Randall Oiler interview (interviewed by Sean Mccleery)Add to your cart.
Item 8810b: Randall Oyler interview (interviewed by Sean Mccleary), 1985-1986Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Intro, Growing up; Economics major; Decision of choosing a major; Why Wheaton?; Advice on applying to a college; Visiting during Wheaton Connection; Anxiety in choosing a school; Overcoming anxiety; Leaving high school friends; Leaving home, parents; Advice regarding homesickness; The Pledge; First impressions of college; Orientation, meeting roommate, suitemates; Freshman year – depression, cynicism, comparison; Spiritual, academic, and personal growth; Fellowship in college; Dealing with “crunch” time; Homework – how to study; Freetime; Abuse of freetime by freshmen; Past mistakes and corrections; Cutting classes; Ministries, sports, music; Goals after college
Item 8811a: Odd Bege interview (interviewed by Sandy Wallin), 1913-1960Add to your cart.
Norwegian depression; Biographical information; Working in a shipyard during the Depression; WWII: Germans bomb Oslo; Effort to see his fiancé; German occupation; Bombings, explosions, and shelter; Leadership after Norwegian officials Flee; Norwegian reaction to German invasion; The draft and Bege’s trick; His marriage; The sharp-shooter; After the War: Bege’s steelworking business; Building a home and a family; Steel shortage: Works in Canada; Returns to Norway; Arranges for his family to come to the US; Family is reunited and learns English
Item 8811b: Odd Berge interview (interviewed by Sandy Wallin), 1932-1984Add to your cart.
Item 8811c: Patricia Stout interview (interviewed by Rick Reese), 1932-1984Add to your cart.
HER LIFE – Born in Manhattan, Kansas; Many childhood moves due to father’s job; Joined the Marines; Worked for a telephone company; Met Al Reese – married him; Moved to  MI – Al worked for GM; First child born (Kathy); Husband and father-in-law farmed; Pat’s parents’ home; New job: construction work; Opened a restaurant; Marriage problems; Sold restaurant in 1959; Worked for brigade as a camp cook; Worked for brigade in Chicago are; Built their own house; Moved to Wheaton; Al had a heart attack and died; Leading up to remarriage; First date with Mr. Stout; Married Mr. Stout; Reasons for getting a job at Kelly Girl; Reasons why both spouses worked; Looking back: what she has learned; Reflection on childhood; life summary
Item 8812: Lot Summers interview (interviewed by Layne Maki), 1929-1988Add to your cart.
DEPRESSION – The Great Depression; Hitchhikers; Herbert Hoover – no handouts; Roosevelt – WPA; WWII – end of Depression; Typical day during the Depression; School; Trouble with banks loaning to farmers; Farming life; High School life; Life of country people – fortunate; Personal Heritage; Immigration from England; Father, Grandfather; Use of oxen on the farm; Trashing machines; Working on constructions 1933-1970, work and wages; Present life (contact with friends, work); Life at time of marriage 1936; Wife; Work and home; Land (prices, quality); Comparing yield to present day
Item 8813: Carrie Klie interview (interviewed by Laura Simonel), 1987-1988Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Relationship with family; Relationship with twin (Jennifer) who attends Wheaton; Father insisted she attend Wheaton; Father’s effect on her Wheaton career;  Her sister’s coming to Wheaton and why; Comparisons with her twin; Why they do not live together; Preconceptions of Wheaton, dorm life;  Dislikes of dorm life; Dating; The Pledge; Campus involvement; Impact of CSC; SAGA; “Scoping”  Wheaton people; Academics; Extra curricular activities; Future goals; Personal growth during 1st semester; Chapel; Spiritual life outside the classroom; Controversial issues on campus; Church attendance and involvement
Item 8814: Candace Wegner interview (interviewed by Gayle E. Koehler)Add to your cart.
MISSIONS TRIP-Canary Islands; Assemblies of God;
Item 8815: Donald L. Church interview (interviewed by Renee Theil), 1953-1988Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – College years, Major; Campus architecture; Location of classes; Administration; Changes in restrictions (behavior, dress code, hours); Academics; Athletics; New aspects of campus life; Improvements at Wheaton; Improved spiritual commitments; Enrollment – past compared to present
Item 8816: William S. Klockow interview (interviewed by Robert Drummond), 1930-1949Add to your cart.
CHICAGO – Biographical Information; School – 40’s vs. 80’s; Stores, Office buildings; Activities w/ Friends; Street gangs and Crime in the 30’s and 40’s; Selling newspapers; Holidays; Dating; Fast food; Changes in Chicago; Growing up in Poor Neighborhood; Relationships between races
Item 8817: Mel Terry interview (interviewed by Lynette Gregg), 1960-1988Add to your cart.
HIS LIFE – Salvation experience; Christianity led to loss of job; Attending Moody and his schedule there; Mission work in downtown Chicago; Other schools he was involved with; Differences in students at schools around the country; Interesting friends and relationships; Qualities of leadership; Personal prayer system; Scripture system; Combination of systmes into practical use; Personal (and incredible) Bible reading habits; Wheaton College prayer groups; His own (and biblical) advice for students; Power of prayer
Item 8818: William Kapitaniuk interview (interviewed by Joel Kapitaniuk), 1950-1980Add to your cart.
EASTERN EUROPE MISSION – Biographical information; He  became a Christian through his mother; Early schooling; Beginning interests in Missionary Work; Entered Mission Field (Germany and Austria); Took over Belgium Church; Marriage and begins ministry behind Iron Curtain; Adventure behind the Curtain; Smuggling Christian literature over border; Romanian smuggling story; Czechoslovakia border story; Present day job; Opening of doors in Poland; New needs to get a million Bibles to Poland;  How he began Poland work; Own printing press in France; First load of 30,000 books to Poland (legally); Great need of literature in Eastern Europe; Radio and literature ministries; New ministries; Romans 10:12 and examples
Item 8819: Robert Morton interview (interviewed by Joyce Henry), 1914-1988Add to your cart.
CHICAGO MUSIC MINISTRY – Early Years: Farm Life, Schooling, Visits to Grandparents, Rearing by Parents, Move to Berlin, IL, New Church; Chicago Transit Authority (CTA); Very Loving Parents; Farm Life at Downer’s Grove; Berlin Home Life; Church Life: Father’s Ordination, Church at Cicero, Start of Independent Churches, Moody Bible, Father’s Music Ministry; Conversion to Christianity; Accompanied Father on Music Missions; Musical Talent; Move to Oak Park; College Years; Army Air Corps; Life after College; Work; Marriage; WWII; Back to Work; Chicago: Now and Then; Wife’s Comments; Children
Item 8820: Vernon Lee Harrity interview (interviewed by Heather Harrity), 1940-1988Add to your cart.
Item 8821: James Reed interview (interviewed by Marcus Johnson)Add to your cart.
Item 8822: Stephanie Parsons interview (interviewed by Meredith Hansen), 1988Add to your cart.
Item 8823: Tamara Jean Kemp interview (interviewed by Gregory Kemp)Add to your cart.
Item 8824: Carla Boyle interview (interviewed by Cindy Humphrey)Add to your cart.
Item 8825: Kristin Berg interview (interviewed by Michelle Morgan)Add to your cart.
Item 8826: Kim Hughes interview (interviewed by Theresa Dewig), 1978-1988Add to your cart.
Item 8827: Trey White interview (interviewed by Mark Hansen), 1970-1988Add to your cart.
Item 8828: Sam Prentis interview (interviewed by Paul Craig), 1984Add to your cart.
Item 8829: Ronald Campbell interview (interviewed by Julie Lemley)Add to your cart.
Item 8830: Susan Voorhorst interview (interviewed by Rebecca Wang), 1988Add to your cart.
Item 8831: Steve Anderson interview (interviewed by Renee West)Add to your cart.
Item 8832: William White interview (interviewed by Benjamin Byerly), 1986Add to your cart.
Item 8833: Raydora Drummer interview (interviewed by Raydora Brown)Add to your cart.
Item 8834: Harry Bowers interview (interviewed by April Nelson), 1941-1975Add to your cart.
Item 8835: Tom A. Stariha interview (interviewed by Tom E. Stariha)Add to your cart.
Item 8836: Kirk Loren Kroeker interview (interviewed by Pam Henschel)Add to your cart.
Restrictions: Restricted
Item 8837: Kent Mark Forkner interview (interviewed by Mark Erickson), 1986-1988Add to your cart.
Item 8838: Stewart Ruch interview (interviewed by Beth Ruscitti)Add to your cart.
Item 8901: Holly Cribbs interview (interviewed by Chris Rose)Add to your cart.
Item 8902: Larry Clum interview (interviewed by Tim Gillespy), 1988-1989Add to your cart.
Item 8903: Russell Mixter interview (interviewed by Suzanne M. Zerrip)Add to your cart.
Item 8904: Michael Howard interview (interviewed by Andrew Olson)Add to your cart.
Item 8905: Martha Park interview (interviewed by F. Haddock)Add to your cart.
Item 8906: Diane Redfield interview (interviewed by Alice Redfield)Add to your cart.
Item 8907: Michael Hoffner interview (interviewed by Amy Ostergaard)Add to your cart.
Item 8908: J. R. Bishop interview (interviewed by Jaymes R. Regualos)Add to your cart.
Item 8909: Julia Raber interview (interviewed by Laura Richeson)Add to your cart.
Item 8910: Clarence Wyngarden interview (interviewed by Jennifer Jervis), 1928-1932Add to your cart.
Item 8911: Dave Hopkins interview (interviewed by Scott Carpenter), 1988-1989Add to your cart.
Item 8912: Scott Weyandt interview (interviewed by Bryan Kennedy)Add to your cart.
Item 8913: Steve Hudson interview (interviewed by Wendy Rooks), 1979-1987Add to your cart.
Item 8914: Andrew Olsen interview (interviewed by Chris Copeland)Add to your cart.
Item 8915: Scott Carpenter interview (interviewed by Mindy Miller), 1988Add to your cart.
Item 8916: Charles Neal interview (interviewed by Alice Redfield)Add to your cart.
Item 8917: andrea Lusk interview (interviewed by James Romaine)Add to your cart.
Item 8918: David Knox interview (interviewed by Todd Mayp)Add to your cart.
Item 8919: Cynthia Straight interview (interviewed by Sandy Sellars)Add to your cart.
Item 8920: Tabitha Saul interview (interviewed by Sue Seeman)Add to your cart.
Item 8921: Jim Severa interview (interviewed by Molly Holst), 1941-1945Add to your cart.
Item 9000a: David L. Anderson interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 9000b: David Johnston interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 9001a: James Hakes interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 9001b: Sue Kelsey interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 9001c: Paul Snezek interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Director, Library
Item 9002: Ward Kriegbaum interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 9003a: David Calvert interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 9003b: William Henning interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 9004: C. William Pollard interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 9101: Anne Peterman interview (interviewed by Julie Lemley)Add to your cart.
Box 5Add to your cart.
Item 9601: Don Lake interview, 1996Add to your cart.
Item 9602: George Verwer Chapel interview, 1996Add to your cart.
Item 9603: Scott Barnett & Jennifer Tucker interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 9604: Dr. Stephen Gieser & Kevin Engle interview, 1996Add to your cart.
Item 9605: Dr. Jim Plueddemann interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 9606: Dr. Richard "Dick" Gieser interview, 1995Add to your cart.
Item 9607: Sam & Larry Reed Shellhamer interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 9608: Don Church, Bong Ro & Will Norton interviewAdd to your cart.View associated digital content.
Conducted during research for Wheaton to the Nations. Will Norton discusses the beginnings of the Faculty Missionary Project with Don Church. Norton also talks with Bong Ro about theological education.
Item 9609: Jane Nelson interview, 1995Add to your cart.
Item 9610: Missions Staff & Cont. interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 9611: John Taylor & Hudson Armerding interview, 1996Add to your cart.
Item 9612: George (OM) Verwer interview, 1996Add to your cart.
Item 9613: President Duane Litfin interview, 1996Add to your cart.
Item 9614: John Gration & Will Norton interview, 1996Add to your cart.
Item 9615: Ruth Van Reken & Dennis Massaro interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 9616: Honduras Chapel interview, 1985Add to your cart.
Item 9617: Don and Ann Church interview, 1996Add to your cart.
Discusses post-World War II students, Sports Ambassadors, and sports evangelism with track athletes around the time of the Olympics in Mexico City.
Item 9618: Steve Kellough & Randy Gruendyke interview, 1996Add to your cart.
Item 9619: Lee Howard interview, 1996Add to your cart.
Item 9620: Lyle Dorsett & Will Norton interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 9621: Dr. David Gieser & Dr. Lois Mckinney interview, 1996Add to your cart.
Item 9622: Dr. Ruth Tucker interview, 1995Add to your cart.
Item 9623: Marj (Saint) Van Der Puy interview, 1996Add to your cart.
Item 9624: Bob Stickney interview, 1996Add to your cart.
Item 9625: Jonathan Smoak interview, 1996Add to your cart.
Item 9626: Dr. John Gration interview, 1995Add to your cart.
Box 6Add to your cart.
Item 9901a: Char Meredith Hartzell interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 9901b: Nathan Van Dyke interview (interviewed by Rebekah Lincoln), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9902a: Amy Sandler interview (interviewed by Olivia Albaugh)Add to your cart.
Item 9902b: Phil Scull interview (interviewed by Jesse Myers), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9903: Jon Lederhouse interview (interviewed by Scott Simpson), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9904: Don Brinks interview (interviewed by Astaire Hailu), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9905: Kristen Borrink interview (interviewed by Elizabeth Borden), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9906: The Murchies interview (interviewed by Lisa Lutzer), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9907: Rodney Sisco interview (interviewed by Trina King), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9908: Jane Nelson interview (interviewed by Julie Long), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9909: Doreen Hees interview (interviewed by Melissa Carson), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9910: Frank Bellinger interview (interviewed by Ryan Hobert), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9911: Terry Perciante interview (interviewed by Valeri Tarnowski), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9912: Marilyn Meier interview (interviewed by Becky Masters Scoon), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9914: Dennis Okhom interview (interviewed by Bill Poorten), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9915: Michael Mcninch interview (interviewed by Stacey Steele), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9916: Ivan Fahs interview, 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9917: Jo (Reno) Kovalik interview (interviewed by Jocelyn Kovalik), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9919: Ken and Margaret Taylor interview (interviewed by Katie Evans), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9920: Howard Whitaker interview (interviewed by Andrew Cloyd), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9921: James Maxon interview (interviewed by Mike Maxson), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9922: Ivy Olsen interview (interviewed by Kristin Wipf), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9923: Wendy Hudson interview (interviewed by Kelly Sharp), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9924: Trygve Larsen interview (interviewed by Evan Oftedal), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9926: Paul Egeland interview (interviewed by Kelly Reed), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9927: Ryan Smith interview (interviewed by Mike Coddington), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9929: Anna Nelson interview (interviewed by Kristy Booth), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9930: Curtis Funk interview, 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9931: Cari Camp interview (interviewed by Frank Newburn), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9932: David Row interview (interviewed by Matt Henry), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9933: Meredith Stone interview (interviewed by Nathaniel Stone), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9935: Gary and Carol Knosp interview (interviewed by Jennia Nally), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9936: Kathleen Kastner interview (interviewed by Kristin Symer), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9937: Leland Ryken interview (interviewed by Jeff Hunderfund), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9938: Erick Waldchen interview (interviewed by Janet Burgess), 1999Add to your cart.
Box 7Add to your cart.
Item 9939: Jeff Davis interview (interviewed by David Mustol), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9940: Virginia Thompson interview (interviewed by Julie Naratsyk), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9941: Jeanne Burton interview (interviewed by Tim Martin), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9942: Rodney Sisco interview (interviewed by Paul Sue), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9943: Susie Gieser Cassel interview (interviewed by Caroyln Christensen), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9944: Janet Corbly Fabrycky interview (interviewed by Eric Day), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9945: Spencer and Ruth Sawyer interview (interviewed by Renee Ommen), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9946: Virginia Davidson Shaffer interview (interviewed by Katie Merten), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9947: Alice Kay Ford interview, 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9948: Clarence "C-Train" Edwards interview (interviewed by Mark Levergood), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9949: Mary Hopper interview (interviewed by Sarah Hardin), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9950: Rod Sandberg interview (interviewed by Amanda Pastermack), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9951: Gail Eubanks interview (interviewed by Liz Eubanks), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9952: Connie Allen interview (interviewed by Kristy Olson), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9953: Leroy Pfund interview (interviewed by Mia Spengler), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9954: Heather Mondello interview (interviewed by Beth Baker), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9955: Charles Gosling interview (interviewed by Nathanial Reinsma), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9958: Sean Walsh interview (interviewed by Dan Maas), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9959: June Willson interview (interviewed by Kate Elsen), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 9960: Brian Gonzales interview (interviewed by Aaron Ashoff), 1999Add to your cart.
Item 0501: Charles Schoenherr interview (interviewed by Ray Smith),Add to your cart.
Loose in storageAdd to your cart.
Item 2938: Erik Eshelman interview (interviewed by Kevin Jacobsen), 1984Add to your cart.
CONTEMP. CONTROVERSIES – Biographical information; Music – New wave; Protests (e.g. Nava red balloons war); Pink Floyd – protest wars; Ways to find identity or way of life; Feelings on Rock-n-roll; Feelings on song “99 Red Balloons”; Effects of Rock on society; Beatles; Hockey; Olympics; Sports; Effect of TV; Sex and violence on TV; Views on President Reagan; Views on unemployment; Rating of Presidents in his lifetime; Carter and Iran; Where world is headed; How nation came into existence; Terrorism; PLO; Lebanon; Pregnancy and sexual attitudes; Abortion; Lack of parties at Wheaton; What are students supposed to do?; Drugs; Potential legalization of marijuana; Whole world situation; Attitude of people today
Item 3026: James Oliver Buswell III interview (interviewed by Tim Ursiny)Add to your cart.
HIS LIFE – Father’s first contact with Wheaton; Father’s presidency at Wheaton; Accomplishments while president; Strong ideas – either strong support or opposition; Reasons for father’s firing and reactions toward it from students and colleagues; His reaction to father’s firing; His career – how he got to Wheaton; Father’s firing at Shelton College; Father’s unwillingness to discuss dismissal; Coach Walker issue; Father’s reputation as president; His own reactions to teaching at Wheaton; His own firing; His dismissal – reasons contradictory; Father after leaving Wheaton – Faith Theological Seminary; Father’s missing files and correspondence papers – lost; Someone stole the papers or destroyed them; Buswell destroyed papers; Presbyterian Church trials; Father’s strengths and weaknesses; Wounds and regrets of both firings; His statement of his trust and thanks to Lord
Item 7303a: Howard Killion interview, 1969-1970Add to your cart.
Item 7303b: William Lindberg interview (interviewed by Rick Parks)Add to your cart.
Item 7309a: Victor B. Beattie interview (interviewed by Susan J. Duncan), 1969-1973Add to your cart.
Item 7309b: Ned Whittington interview, 1969-1973Add to your cart.
Item 7310a: Fanny Boyce interview, 1930-1962Add to your cart.
Item 7310b: Clarence B. Hale interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson), 1924-1928Add to your cart.
Item 7310c: Clarence B. Hale interview (interviewed by James D. Miller), 1924-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7310d: Clyde S. Kilby interview (interviewed by Bob Shuster)Add to your cart.
Item 7310e: John L. Leedy interview (interviewed by Daniel Black), 1937-1973Add to your cart.
Item 7310f: H. Patterson interview (interviewed by David Juene), 1938-1939Add to your cart.
Item 7311a: John Elsen interview (interviewed by Patricia Elsen)Add to your cart.
Item 7311b: Richard I. Kamm interview (interviewed by Robin Cook), 1954-1958Add to your cart.
Item 7311c: John Pierucki interview (interviewed by Robin Cook), 1965-1969Add to your cart.
Item 7311d: Jim Shepley interview (interviewed by David Maas), 1948-1952Add to your cart.
Item 7311e: Hugh Spann interview (interviewed by Bill Wardle)Add to your cart.
Item 7312a: Tom Lehe interview (interviewed by David Maas), 1969-1973Add to your cart.
Item 7312b: Elizabeth Mitchell interview, 1969-1973Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Campus Housing; Dorm Hours; Dress Code; Typical Wheaton Student; Dating; Minority Students; Cliques; Sexual Relations (i.e. Social Customs); Entertainment; Academics; Professors; Expectation and Reality at Wheaton; Freshman Year; ROTC; Good Points; Fischer; Yearbook; KODON; Administrators; Expectation and Involvement at Wheaton; Goals
Item 7312c: Kevin Van Elswyk interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7313a: Robin Cook interview (interviewed by Janet Downey), 1969-1973Add to your cart.
Item 7313b: Jon Dahl interview (interviewed by Janet Downey), 1969-1973Add to your cart.
Item 7314c: James Meredith interview (interviewed by Steve Posegate), 1952-1956Add to your cart.
Item 7314d: H. Patterson interview (interviewed by Steve Posegate)Add to your cart.
Item 7315a: James Kraakevik interview (interviewed by Steve Posegate), 1944-1948Add to your cart.
Item 7315b: George Krem interview (interviewed by Steve Posegate), 1959-1963Add to your cart.
Item 7315c: Russell Mixter interview (interviewed by Steve Posegate)Add to your cart.
Item 7315d: David Roberts interview (interviewed by Steve Posegate), 1937-1941Add to your cart.
Item 7316a: Steven D. Befus interview (interviewed by Barbara Lathrop), 1971-1972Add to your cart.
Chairman of Student Missions Projects
Item 7316b: David Kornfield interview (interviewed by Barbara Lathrop), 1972-1973Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Anthropology Dept; Plans After Graduation; Attitudes towards Studying; Fischer Hall – Co-Ed; Dating Situation; College Union; Minority Students; Influential Individuals; Prayer Chairman; Koininia; Spiritual Atmosphere; Reality of Wheaton; Relations btwn College and Community
Item 7316c: David R. McIntyre interview (interviewed by Barbara Lathrop), 1969-1973Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Changes at Wheaton; Chapel; Psychology Major; Influential Individuals; Student Missions Project Chairman; Opinions on co-ed Fischer; are Wheaton Students Intellectually-Oriented; Social changes; Traditions; Politics
Item 7316d: Julie Nowack interview (interviewed by Barbara Lathrop), 1972-1973Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Dress Code; Dating situation; Changes in rules; Co-ed Fischer; Dining Hall; Influential Individuals; Elementary Education Department; Academic life; “Revival” of 1970; Chapel; Spiritual influences; College-community communication; CSC ministries involvement; Influential issues; Wheaton’s awareness of current events; Summer quarters and programs, Women’s P.E.; Entertainment on Campus; Types of students; Changing concepts of Wheaton
Item 7317a: Shilon Kostelny interview (interviewed by Barbara Lathrop), 1972-1973Add to your cart.
Item 7317b: Timothy Neumann interview (interviewed by Barbara Lathrop), 1969-1973Add to your cart.
KODON – Wheaton Monopoly Game; Spring Issue – a Coloring Book; History of Kodon; Definition of Kodon for Tim; Types of Wheaton Students; Whether academic standards have been lowered; Main Priority of Wheaton; Changes in Spiritual Atmosphere; ROTC; Kent State affair; Outreach to the community; Influence of Individuals; Changes in Social Situation; Changes in physical campus; Changes in Dining Hall and food; Disillusionment, the Quarter System, Requirements, Jr. Comprehensive exams and pilfering
Item 7318a: Debra Hanson interview (interviewed by Sue Duncan), 1969-1973Add to your cart.
Item 7318b: Timothy Rowell interview (interviewed by Susan Duncan), 1969-1973Add to your cart.
Item 7319a: Mark Barnes interview (interviewed by Susan J. Duncan), 1968-1973Add to your cart.
WETN -- Program Director
Item 7319b: Robert Luginbuhl interview (interviewed by Susan Duncan)Add to your cart.
Item 7320a: Earle E. Cairnes interview (interviewed by Daniel Hill)Add to your cart.
Item 7320b: Clyde S. Kilby interview (interviewed by Daniel S. Hill)Add to your cart.
Item 7321a: V. Philip Long interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7321b: Daniel Varisco interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7322: Paul Little interview, 1948-1954Add to your cart.
Item 7323a: Mr. and Mrs. S. Benson interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7323b: David F. Fay interview (interviewed by Janet Downey), 1969-1973Add to your cart.
Item 7323c: Tom Frazier interview (interviewed by Janet Downey), 1969-1973Add to your cart.
Item 7323d: Ella Gernhardt interview (interviewed by Pam Hillery)Add to your cart.
Item 7323e: Edwin A. Hollatz interview, 1947Add to your cart.
Item 7323f: S. Richard Kamm interview, 1946-1947Add to your cart.
Item 7323g: James Kraakevik interview, 1945-1948Add to your cart.
Item 7323h: Charles Svendsen interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7323i: Ralph Vennem interview (interviewed by Gordon Gorrell), 1902-1906Add to your cart.
Item 7323j: Mr. and Mrs. Roger White interview, 1942-1946Add to your cart.
Item 7401a: Ruth Bamford interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7401b: Harold Best interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7401c: Harvey Chrouser interview (interviewed by Daniel Hill)Add to your cart.
Item 7401d: Gordon Fee interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7401e: Harold Harper interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7401f: Arthur Holmes interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7401g: James Kraakevik interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7401h: James Lower interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7401i: Chaplain Pat Patterson interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7401j: Marilyn Scribner interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7401k: Tom Skinner interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7403a: Gordon Fee interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 7403b: Clarence B. Hale interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7404a: Shiela Hargreaves interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7404b: Diane Leonovich interview (interviewed by Wayne Gordon), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7410a: Noboru Honda interview (interviewed by Clavin Chinen), 1940-1942Add to your cart.
Item 7410b: Clyde S. Kilby interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7410c: John Harold Lindsell interview (interviewed by John Lindsell), 1935-1938Add to your cart.
Item 7410d: Sherwood Roach interview, 1940-1948Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Physical features of campus; Social life; Traditions; the Pledge; Athletics; Dining hall and food; Entertainment groups; Intellectual life; Memories of teachers; Change in presidents from Buswell to Edman; Bob Jones University; Spiritual life on campus; Chapel; College outreach to community; Major positive and negative reactions; Campus life during war; Student government; Concept of Wheaton; Reason for coming to Wheaton; Most beneficial experience at Wheaton
Item 7410e: Vontella Sheridan interview (interviewed by Jennifer Crute), 1947-1950Add to your cart.
Item 7410f: Yuichi Takahashi interview (interviewed by Calvin Chinen), 1940-1949Add to your cart.
Item 7413a: William Borgeson interview (interviewed by Mark Woods), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7413b: David Fortosis interview (interviewed by Mark Woods), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7413c: Judy Fulop interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7413d: Kathy Harrell interview (interviewed by Mark Woods), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7413e: Thomas Hovestol interview (interviewed by Mark Woods), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7413f: Jeff Wendling interview (interviewed by Mark Woods), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7414a: Gary Andres interview (interviewed by Doug Porter), 1974Add to your cart.
Item 7414b: Doris Austin interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 7414c: Robert Austin interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 7414d: Donald C. Boardman interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 7414e: Elizabeth Boardman interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 7414f: Eleanor Carlson interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 7414g: J. Wesley Carlson interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 7414h: Robert A. De Wolfe interview (interviewed by Debbie De Wolfe), 1940-1944Add to your cart.
Item 7414i: Ruth De Wolfe interview (interviewed by Debbie De Wolfe), 1940-1944Add to your cart.
Item 7414j: Jack Estep interview (interviewed by Betty Mathisen)Add to your cart.
Item 7414k: Marvin K. Mayers interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson), 1945-1949Add to your cart.
Item 7414l: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nelson interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7414m: Conrad Wilcox interview (interviewed by Miriam Ziemer)Add to your cart.
Item 7414n: Laurel Wilcox interview (interviewed by Miriam Ziemer)Add to your cart.
Item 7414o: Steven Wilson interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7415a: Wesley M. Jacobsen interview (interviewed by Tad Mindman), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7415b: Tom Keller interview (interviewed by Tad Mindman), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7415c: David Lawrenz interview (interviewed by Tad Mindman), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7415d: Debbie Webber interview (interviewed by Tad Mindman), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7417a: Mark C. Bender interview (interviewed by Wayne Gordon), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7417b: Elizabeth Fitts interview (interviewed by Wayne Gordon), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7417c: William Hyer interview (interviewed by Wayne Gordon), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7417d: Lanell M. Rickner interview (interviewed by Wayne Gordon), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7418a: Mr. and Mrs. John Bolt interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson)Add to your cart.
Item 7418b: David Case interview, 1943-1948Add to your cart.
Item 7418c: Darrel J. Gibson interview (interviewed by Kurt Free), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7418d: Lee Ware interview (interviewed by Kurt Free), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7418e: Greg L. Waybright interview (interviewed by Kurt Free), 1972-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7418f: Evan Welsh interview (interviewed by Ronald Troup), 1929-1961Add to your cart.
Item 7418g: Dick Winzeler interview (interviewed by Dick Winzeler), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7420a: Hudson T. Armerding interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7420b: E. Beatrice Batson interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7420c: Mr. and Mrs. John Bolt interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7420d: James Engel interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7420e: Ken Hansen interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7420f: Alan Johnson interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7420g: Donald Mitchell interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7420h: Joan Olson interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7420i: David Roberts interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7420j: Millard Scherick interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7420k: Joseph Spradley interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7420l: C.F. Starzer interview (interviewed by Stephen Starzer)Add to your cart.
Item 7420m: Wheaton College Talking Yearbook interview, 1956Add to your cart.
Item 7420n: David Wolfe interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7420o: Alan Young interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7420p: Alan Young interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7421a: Lyle M. Adams interview (interviewed by Becky Adams), 1950-1951Add to your cart.
Item 7421b: Curt Almquist interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7421c: Kurt Free interview (interviewed by Stephen J. Leierer), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7421d: Eugene A. Frost interview (interviewed by Gene Jr. Frost), 1939-1943Add to your cart.
Item 7421e: Clarence B. Hale interview (interviewed by Ronald Troup), 1924-1928Add to your cart.
Item 7421f: Stephen Stauffer interview (interviewed by David L. Anderson), 1969-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7421g: Arthur Vole interview (interviewed by Ronald Troup), 1960-1969Add to your cart.
Item 7421h: Carol Weiss interview (interviewed by Jeanne Clark), 1933-1937Add to your cart.
Item 7422: Judy Fulop interview (interviewed by Mark Woods), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7424a: Curt Almquist interview (interviewed by Stephen Leierer), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7424b: Cadmus Hicks interview (interviewed by Stephen L. Leierer), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7424c: Jay Scott Kelley interview (interviewed by Stephen Leierer)Add to your cart.
Item 7424d: Jonathan D. Lower interview (interviewed by Stephen Leierer)Add to your cart.
Item 7424e: Michael Sedjo interview (interviewed by Stephen Leierer), 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Item 7425a: Paul Armerding interview (interviewed by Pat Mccall), 1971-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7425b: Donald B. Chambers interview (interviewed by Pat Mccall), 1971-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7425c: Michael L. Friedline interview (interviewed by Pat Mccall), 1971-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7425d: Steven Griffin interview (interviewed by Pat Mccall), 1971-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7425e: Richard Shields interview (interviewed by Pat Mccall), 1971-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7425f: Lori Spotts interview (interviewed by Pat Mccall), 1971-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7425g: Gregory Taylor interview (interviewed by Pat Mccall), 1971-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7425h: Keith Wilson interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7425i: Thomas Wilson interview (interviewed by Pat Mccall), 1971-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7425j: James Yehling interview (interviewed by Pat Mccall), 1971-1975Add to your cart.
Item 7501: Ed Clowney interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7502a: David Hatch interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7502b: Sue O'Conner interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7502c: Marion Paxton interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7502d: Janet Price interviewAdd to your cart.
Item 7506: Senta Nii interview (interviewed by Calvin Chinen), 1920-1975Add to your cart.
Item 9201: Eleanor Paulson interview (interviewed by Tracy Stuart)Add to your cart.
Item 1: Faith Haddock interview (interviewed by Stephen Thompson)Add to your cart.
Item unknown1: (Mrs. Harry Johnson) interviewAdd to your cart.
Item unknown2: (S.G. President) interviewAdd to your cart.
Item unknown3: (Schoolteacher) interviewAdd to your cart.
Item unknown4: (Speech Comm. Prof.) interviewAdd to your cart.
Item unknown5: Linda Kaiser interview (interviewed by Chuck Dowers), 1968-1985Add to your cart.
MINORITY MINISTRY – Edman Chapel; Grad school studies; Christian work in NYC; Personal faith; Decision to minister to blacks; Used black churches to tutor black kids; Formation of project STEP and Inside Magazine; Conferences for multi-racial ministry work; Need for Christians in cities; Views of drugs and sex; Effects of STEP; Importance of her ministry; First dinner with a black family; Observations of black lifestyle; Studies of Revelations; Trip to London; How the Lord has worked through her; How she met Dr. Schafer; Her college life; Correspondence with college friends; Trip to Japan; Decision to minister to Japanese people through a missionary program; Missions work in Japan
Item unknown6: Chaplain Patterson interview, 1936-1940Add to your cart.
WHEATON COLLEGE – Social Atmosphere; Academics; Literary Societies; Liberalism; Blanchard Hall; Student Government; Spiritual Situation: Separatism, Contact with the World, Christian Service, Chapel; World Affairs; Building; Fashions, Fads; Mood – Optimism; Important People
Item unknown7: Evan Welsh interview, 1970-1975Add to your cart.
Chaplain Anderson; Missionaries; Knowing parents, prayer and fellowship; Alumni children and missionary kids; Problem of him being there; Running through pictures; Springfield, Billy Webber; Dave Howard, pastoral ministry;  World focus prayer plans; Suzy-Chuck, letter
Series 3: Digital recordings, 2007-2009Add to your cart.
Item 0701: Bud Schaeffer interview (interviewed by Ray Smith, 2007 September 27)Add to your cart.
Years Before Wheaton (boyhood: Hometown, Family Members, Church Background, sports in high school. Achievements., Navy service.  GI Bill, Recruitment by other colleges (Valpo), visits to campuses, how chose Wheaton), Wheaton College (Basketball highlights, Highlights of Wheaton Experience, Boston Whirlwinds/Globe Trotter Tour, Witness opportunities), Venture for Victory, Missionary Career with OC International
Item 0901: Robert Spiro interview (interviewed by David Malone, 2009 December 17)Add to your cart.

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